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The Fundamentals of Responsible Journalism for College Editors and Reporters

A One-Day Conference for Student Journalists

October 5, 2014



The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement at Colby College and the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting will offer college newspaper editors, reporters, advisers and those interested in a career in journalism an opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of responsible journalism. The conference will include interactive workshops, lectures and panel discussions led by award-winning journalists from the New York Times, the Washington Post, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and many other first-rate new outlets.

The conference will also feature a keynote luncheon address by Pulitzer prize-winning investigative journalist James Risen of the New York Times. Later in the afternoon conference participants will be invited to attend a panel of media professionals who will discuss the escalating conflict between press freedoms and national security surveillance.

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The @GoldfarbCenter’s conference was incredible today. Certainly changed how I will run @TheVeritasNews going forward.”

About the Conference

Few college newspaper journalists have had the benefit of training in core journalistic principles. They do the best they can, but when stories and sources get difficult, they have to make tough decisions that can affect people’s lives. Too often, college journalists must make those decisions without the benefit of a solid foundation in journalism ethics and practice.

This conference will provide attendees with answers to the fundamental questions any journalist must consider: What is the journalist’s obligation to the community he or she covers? What is news, and what isn’t? How does news differ from opinion? What are the standards for sources and attribution? Is there a threshold for verification and must reporters remain independent and unbiased at all times? What is meant by “comprehensive” and “proportional?” What are the legal standards of libel?

Attendees will also be asked to provide conference organizers in advance with an important ethical question they have faced as college journalists. Answering those questions will be the focus of in-depth discussion sessions with students led by experienced journalists.

For more information, please contact:

Alice Elliott
Associate Director, Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement
Colby College

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