The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement invites proposals from Colby faculty, staff and students for the Center’s Mealtime Seminar program. The program intentionally provides maximum flexibility; there is no set format for how often/when the seminar will meet. The only criteria are that the topic must be related to either public affairs or civic engagement and must be interdisciplinary in nature (the seminar must include faculty from at least 2 disciplines and students from a variety of majors.) Seminars usually last for one semester but can extend into a subsequent semester, or might evolve into another college project.

Funding: The Goldfarb Center will provide funding for up to $1500. This amount is expected to cover meals, speaker honorariums and/or travel expenses, publicity, and related research or background materials. The seminar coordinator is expected to keep track of all expenses and submit items for reimbursement in a timely fashion. A detailed expense summary must be submitted to Amanda Cooley, the Goldfarb Center Assistant Director within two weeks of the last seminar.

Proposals: Mealtime seminar proposals should include the following clearly outlined information:

●   a brief review of the topic to be discussed, and how it is interdisciplinary

●   a brief description of how the topic connects to the mission of the Goldfarb Center

●  a brief outline of proposed Colby faculty and staff who will be involved with the seminar   with some affirmation of their intent to be involved

●  a brief summary of the proposed Colby audience for the seminar (i.e., participants)

●  a brief outline of how a seminar meeting might be structured

●  a proposed plan of how often and when the seminar will meet

●  a detailed budget that includes anticipated meal costs, honoraria, travel expenses and research or related materials.

Product: The seminar coordinator must submit a program summary that briefly details the seminar participants, meeting dates and topics discussed, presenters, and several quotes from the participants about how this seminar enhanced their learning or Colby experience. This summary is due to the Goldfarb Center Assistant Director within one month of the conclusion of the seminar. The summary will be included in the Goldfarb Center annual report and may also be used on the GC web site. Failure to do so will preclude future grants.

Deadline: Proposals for the Goldfarb Center Mealtime Seminar Program may be submitted in an ongoing basis throughout the semester. Please submit all materials electronically to Proposals will be evaluated as they are received by the Goldfarb Center staff. Decisions on each proposal will be made within 2 weeks of receipt.

Further information: contact Goldfarb Center Associate Director Gail Carlson at Questions regarding the proposed budget should be directed to the Assistant Director, ext. 5319.