Inflation and the Financial Markets

On Monday, October 5th, 2009 Eric Rosengren ’79, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, spoke to a large crowd in Ostrove Auditorium on the recent financial crisis and its effect on inflation. * Please note that this presentation relied heavily on visual aids.

How Newspapers’ Decline Will Affect Citizens and Democracy

On Tuesday, September 29th Paul Steiger spoke to a packed crowd in Ostrove Auditorium about the implications for our democratic system as journalism jobs are cut and newspapers’ budgets are slashed. Mr. Steiger was on campus for the week of September 28th as a Lovejoy Visiting Journalist in Residence.

A Physician’s Tale: Working with Addicts, Prisoners and Commercial Sex Workers

On Thursday, September 17th, 2009 Dr. Josiah Rich of Brown Medical School and The Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island spoke to a standing room only crowd in Diamond 122. He discussed his involvement in starting the needle exchange program in Providence, RI and the implications of the War on Drugs on the rate of...

From Bush to Obama: US Aid in the 21st Century

Dr. Carol Lancaster is a professor at Georgetown University who specializes in the politics of foreign aid, the politics of development, and development in Africa. She has also been a consultant for both the United Nations and the World Bank. She is the director of the Mortara Center for International Studies at Georgetown and is...

Show Me the Money: Climate Change and the Economy in 2009

Climate Change is most often framed as a disabling phenomenon for capitalism, throwing up the ultimate natural limit to profit-seeking economic activity and making restrictive state interventions inevitable. The increased concern over climate change in the past few years is commonly attributed to an increased appreciation of the science of climate change. In this lecture,...

News Literacy in the Digital Age

Lovejoy Visiting Journalists in Residence, David Shribman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Cindy Skrzycki of Bloomberg News, discussed the the importance of news literacy as citizens become increasingly dependent on digital sources for their news.

Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island

Time Magazine’s 2008 Environmental Hero of the Year, Soren Hermansen, spoke to jam-packed audience in Ostrove Auditorium on Tuesday, March 10th at 7 p.m. Hermansen’s green initiatives on the Danish Island of Samso resulted in the island of 4,300 inhabitants becoming Denmark’s showcase for sustainable, carbon-free living. Hermansen now runs the Energy Academy, a research...