The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs is pleased to announce the creation of the Sandy Maisel Internship through the generous gift of a group of alumni seeking to honor Professor Maisel. This award is intended to allow students to explore opportunities related to public affairs or civic engagement that might develop into or allow for continued research projects at Colby, such as in a senior thesis, while gaining valuable career related experience.


Internship funding is available to continuing, full-time Colby students and will provide $3000 toward student expenses. What is an internship? Click Here. These are intended to fund otherwise unfunded internships. Consistent with the Colby Internship Policy (found on DavisConnects website), before funds may be disbursed your internship must be approved to receive transcript notation.


Applicants should submit a proposal that aims for conciseness and clarity in which you include the following information:

● your name, status, and current contact information

● the nature of the internship and what you hope to learn from the experience

● the structure of the internship

● the nature of the organization

● the connection to the mission of the Goldfarb Center

● the connection to your Colby education

● a proposed budget with itemization of projected expenses and rationale

● two letter of recommendation: one from a a Colby faculty member and one from an employer

● current resume and an unofficial transcript that includes grades

Sandy Maisel Student Fellows

Thanks to a generous gift of a group of alumni seeking to honor Professor Maisel, students receiving internship grants will be named as Sandy Maisel Student Fellows for the academic year in which their work is completed and should include that designation on all work that results from this grant. Sandy Maisel Student Fellows are expected to attend Goldfarb Center events throughout the year on a regular basis.


The grant application deadline for Fall 2017 is Nov. 1. Please submit all materials electronically to It is normal practice for letters to be submitted by recommenders directly. Please insure that all materials have been received by the Center before the deadline. No deadline extensions will be granted. Applications will be evaluated by the Center’s Grants Review Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Goldfarb Center Director. Note: Recipients are required to submit to the Goldfarb Center administrative assistant, a brief report following completion of the internship summarizing the experience. A detailed report of all expenses paid for by the grant money (including copies of receipts organized by date) must be submitted. Failure to do so will preclude future grants from the Center.

Further information: please consult DavisConnect’s internship FAQ. For further questions contact Goldfarb Center Assistant Director Amanda Cooley at