The Goldfarb Center and the Maine Federal-State Judicial Council have cooperated in the production of a video, Conversations with Maine Judges, to assist Maine teachers as they introduce their students to the ways in which courts and judges work.  The video draws on interviews done with Maine judges, mostly with recently retired federal judges and justices on the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.  Freeport High School social studies teacher Hank Ogilby has produced a study guide to accompany the video.  Each can be viewed from the site or downloaded for use from other computers.

A number of federal and state judges have agreed to go into classrooms to discuss their roles as part of a teaching module revolving around this video.  As judges schedules are often set well weeks and even months ahead, teachers wishing to arrange such visits should contact Renee Bender (207-780-3356 ext. 2219) at the Federal Court House in Portland (for federal judges)  or  Mary Ann Lynch, Esq. (207-592-5940) at the Maine Judicial Center in Augusta (for state judges) well in advance to see if a visit can be arranged.

We hope that you enjoy and benefit from this video.  Any technical questions should be sent to the Goldfarb Center and any substantive questions should be sent to Professor Sandy Maisel, for further reference to the appropriate source.

– Maine Judges Study Guide (PDF)