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Colby declared Carbon Neutrality in 2013. A number of campus initiatives contributed to this effort including Colby’s move to 100-percent renewable electricity sources in 2003, pursuing LEED certification in all new construction projects, retrofitting energy-intensive components of existing buildings and other fixtures with more efficient ones, using cogeneration to produce 10 percent of our electricity from the biomass plant, and purchasing carbon offsets through projects across Maine. Learn More >

biomassBiomass Boiler

In 2011 Colby opened a biomass plant that has state-of-the-art emission reduction technologies (such as an electrostatic precipitator), which supplies 90 percent of the College’s steam and 10 percent of our electricity. It offsets the use of more than one million gallons of residual oil a year with about 22 thousand tons of low-grade forest waste and debris from sustainable forest operations within roughly a 50-mile radius of campus.  Fact Sheet >>

Carbon Offsets

In 2013, Colby announced carbon neutrality. In order to identify potential carbon offset projects, Colby relied on a senior thesis project that identified four major criteria in order to compare offset projects. The criteria included initial components of project type and their cost, but also included the following: third-party certification, regionality, additionality or the concept of supporting projects that create additional carbon offsets, and public relations. Since 2013, Colby has identified and supported carbon offset projects local to New England, and will continue to do so each year.

Latest News

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  • Colby College Continues it Carbon Neutrality Commitment - The start of the 2015-16 fiscal year brought an opportunity for Colby to continue its carbon neutrality commitment with the purchase of carbon offsets. The College, with the help of partners Renewable Choice Energy and the CarbonNeutral Company, found three projects to support. In total Colby purchased 8,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCDE)—approximately the...
  • Colby Sustainability Ranking Among World’s Highest - When it comes to assessing sustainability practices, STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System) is the gold standard, and in the most recent STARS survey, Colby rated gold. The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) uses STARS to rate the sustainability performance of colleges and universities around the world. Colby’s high gold rating...
  • Colby Achieves Environmental Milestone: Carbon Neutrality - Contact: Ruth Jacobs ( 207-859-4350 After a decade of work to measure, prevent, and reduce carbon emissions, Colby College announced April 4 that it has achieved carbon neutrality. The accomplishment makes Colby one of the first colleges in the country to do so, and it comes two years before the target date that the College...

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