2015-2016 EcoReps

IMG_5182Ester Topolarova, Class of 2017: “I am from a small city in the Czech Republic and am currently studying Environmental Science and Economics.  I am interested in learning how capitalism affects the environmental crisis and its relation to local and international politics. Since I was young, I was so amazed by the beauty and complexity of nature, so I decided I wanted to protect it through many small actions like becoming an EcoRep.”


imageLucas Lam, Class of 2017: “I am from Southern California and am a Science, Technology, & Society/ Chemistry double major. I am extremely interested in the social aspects of sustainability and hope to pursue law one day in the field of science.”




60897_10150282562140226_5285288_nMollika Tahsin, Class of 2017: “I am doing dual major in Mathematics and Economics and am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am interested in sustainability because I believe in saving resources from being wasted, ruined or consumed unnecessarily in a world of imbalanced resource distribution that results in dire scarcity at one place and plentiful wasted at another. Being from the luckier part, I work for sustainability so that resources are given their proper value and not taken for granted or wasted while many others strive for it.”


la fotoLidia Henderson, Class of 2016: “I am from New York City and am majoring in Environmental Policy and Spanish. My interests lie in sustainable urban development and agriculture.”




DSCN8704Shannon Oleynik, Class of 2016: “I am from Rockville, Maryland and am double majoring in Environmental Policy and Government. Here at Colby, we, as students, have the incredible opportunity to shape the future of our sustainability program. I love the outdoors and believe it is important to recognize environmental issues and inform peers about the importance of decreasing our impact on the environment. With this in mind, I am excited to work on projects throughout the year to reach this goal.”


Tomasso Wagner, Class of 2019:  “I am currently living in Concord Massachusetts, and I hope to major in Environmental Studies.  Not only is the natural environment a beautiful and soothing addition to our lives, but it is our home.  We have a responsibility to promote sustainability that we may preserve the world which cares for us, and the ecoreps do wonderful work helping the greater Colby community understand and implement that responsibility.”



Jacob WallJacob Wall, Class of 2016: “I am from Seattle, Washington and am majoring in environmental policy and geology. Colleges are important in that they have the power to influence how people think about the world and have the responsibility to address society’s most important issues, which currently includes the global environmental crisis. I am interested in helping Colby make sound sustainable decisions in order to limit our environmental impact as well as challenge people to live more environmentally friendly lifestyles.”


IMAG0617_1_1Maria Urrutia, Class of 2017: “I’m from Managua, Nicaragua and I want to major in Environmental Policy with a possible minor in Japanese. I’m interested in sustainability because I feel that humans are overexploiting the Earth’s resources – the supply of natural resources and services is decreasing while the demand is dramatically increasing.”



Caroline Winslow, Class of 2017: “I am from Telluride, Colorado where my love for the natural world began at a young age. After moving to Manchester, Massachusetts, I have gained an even broader appreciation for all natural elements, from the mountains to the ocean. I am majoring in Environmental Science. Being an EcoRep, I hope to get students involved in activities across campus focused on sustainability. Hopefully the “green initiatives” implemented on campus will help to inform students and shape their habits and perspectives for life beyond the Colby campus.”



Eda Reed, Class of 2016: “Hi all! from Pasadena, California, and I’m majoring in Environmental Science and Biology. I’m interested in sustainability to protect the earth’s remaining wilderness, and because polar bears can’t swim forever.”




1511443_663023243750314_688543322_nGrace Fowler, Class of 2017: “I’m from Langdon, New Hampshire and am an Environmental Science major and Education minor. My time at the The Island School and the High Mountain Institute in high school sparked an interest in sustainability and a love of the outdoors that I want to share with all of Colby College.”



Matt Connolly, Class of 2018: “ I am from MelrIMG_3517ose, MA and am expecting to have some combination of double major or major-minor in Environmental Studies and Economics.  I have always been interested in the protection of the environment and sustainability dating back to when I started forcing my family to have 4 recycling bins on trash pick-up day when our neighbors only had 1 or 2.   The aspects of sustainability that interest me the most are waste and recycling management and energy conservation.  Joining the environmental club at my high school and becoming the Vice President is what inspired me to keep pursuing sustainability efforts.”

IMG_4174Ling Ding, Class of 2018: “I am from a small city called Hangzhou in China. I have really broad interests so I really can’t decide my major. I love travelling around the world to discover the beauty of different mountains and rivers and to learn different cultures and schools of thoughts. I love nature!”




burcu-photoBurcu Sagiroglu, Class of 2017: “I am from Bozuyuk, Turkey and am majoring in Economics and Government. As I go back to my hometown in school breaks, I can clearly observe the climate change and how it affects the environment in certain areas. I believe that through sustainability education, we can change how we perceive nature and how we behave to protect it.”



Scott Lehman, Class of 2016, “My name is Scott Lehman, I am from Lexington Massachusetts, and I study economics and engineering at Colby. My interest in sustainability comes from a love of plants, food and outdoor activities, and the desire to preserve these wonderful parts of life for future generations.”



athl_LACROSSM_mylesMyles Smith, Class of 2018: “I am from Springfield, MA and am a double major in Environmental Policy and Economics. I feel living a sustainable lifestyle is not only environmentally friendly, but it also saves money. A few changes can really make a difference for our planet as well as our wallets.”




Maddie Partridge, Class of 2018: “I am from Southborough,Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Mass. and I am majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Chinese. I think sustainability is awesome because without sustainable practices, the world is going to change a whole lot more than it already has. There are so many cool ways to accomplish sustainability and here at Colby is a great place to start, since schools generate so much waste and use so many resources.”



DSCN2864Emma Reif, Class of 2016: “Greetings! I’m an environmental science major from Virginia with a passion for renewable energy, sustainability, green building, and collecting rocks. I enjoy challenging myself and my peers to be mindful of the larger impact our actions hold.”



10985319_638425016283357_23384801572720212_nStacey Hou, Class of 2018: “I am from Tsingtao and am interested in many fields, such as lawn mowing, snow plowing, and tree hugging. I’m always intrigued by the subtle relationship between environmentalism and environmental economics, which may, per se, seem to be self-conflicted. As people who advocate sustainability, we often find ourselves in a short-term cost/benefit paradox; however, I believe that with persistent efforts, we would eventually power through the equilibrium and save more endangered unicorns.”

Ecorep bio picCarla Nyquist, Class of 2016: “I am a double major in Environmental Science and Anthropology from New Boston, New Hampshire. My passion for sustainability originally stemmed from my love of nature and all things outdoors, but I have come to realize how sustainability and environmental protection are intertwined with the well-being of human society as well.”



imageConnor Benjamin, Class of 2018: “I am from Medway, Massachusetts and I am currently undeclared. However, I am interested in studying Environmental Policy and Economics. I would love to help businesses become more environmentally sustainable, whether that is working in the office or in the field.”



Jackie Hang, Class of 2019: “I’m from Los Angeles where waterunnamed is a bit scarce right now. Jokes aside, I want to promote the level of sustainable living that was necessary at home here at Colby. All of our natural resources won’t be around forever if we don’t fix our behaviors!”




If you are interested in becoming an EcoRep, contact Kevin Bright.