spring-2010-0112“Colby College is committed to nurturing environmental awareness through its academic program as well as through its activities on campus and beyond. As a local and global environmental citizen, the College adheres to the core values of respect for the environment and sustainable living. Colby seeks to lead by example and fosters morally responsible, environmental stewardship. Environmentally safe practices inform and guide campus strategic planning, decision making, and daily operations. We urge community members to recognize personal and institutional responsibilities for reducing impact on the local and global environment. Finally, we recognize that achieving environmental sustainability will be an ongoing challenge that evolves, as we become more aware and educated as a community.”

The Environmental Advisory Group (EAG) was formed in 2000 to advise the president and College community on issues related to the environmental stewardship of the campus and region. EAG hopes to use this site as an information resource to raise awareness about ongoing environmental initiatives, to promote environmental consciousness, and to show on- and off-campus audiences that Colby is actively addressing environmental concerns.

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Before the Sustainability Office was formed in 2013, the EAG compiled annual sustainability reports: