The Environmental Advisory Group will advise the President and the community on issues related to the environmental stewardship of the campus and region. In support of sustainable campus greening efforts, the Environmental Advisory Group will: 

1. Encourage teaching and learning about a broad range of environmental issues;

2. Gather and help disseminate information regarding environmental issues to the community;

3. Promote conservation of resources, energy efficiency, waste reduction, pollution prevention, and other sustainability issues on campus and with outside contractors with whom the College does business;

4. Help preserve and enhance the beauty and integrity of the College’s outdoor environment;

5. Identify, investigate, and formulate recommendations regarding campus environmental issues and, when appropriate, issues beyond the campus, being sure to consider any social justice implications;

6. Cooperate with faculty who wish to include a campus environmental component in their courses or sponsored independent projects;

7. Identify and recommend prioritization of projects that the College might undertake to reduce its environmental impact;

8. Identify and use quantitative assessment methods for each initiative undertaken to the extent possible;

9. Encourage members of the community to take personal responsibility for reducing their impact on the local and global environment.