Counseling and Further Information

Have you ever thought that your drinking is causing you problems?  Has a friend or family member ever expressed concern?  This quick questionnaire can help you understand your drinking better as you decide if it is time to talk to someone about it.

Substance Use Quiz

If you have concerns about alcohol or other drugs, you are encouraged to make an appointment with Colby’s Coordinator of Alcohol and Other Drug Programs. The counselor can help you to assess the role that alcohol and/or drugs play in your life, and make recommendations for further help or healthier consumption. She can also help you to assists a roommate or friend, who is using too much.
For further information, or to make an appointment, call the Health Center at (207) 859-4460.

Alcohol and Drug emergencies can be fatal. If you think that someone is in danger, call CER at (207) 859-5911.

Alcohol can play a role in the lives of Colby students. The Garrison-Foster Health Center encourages students to comply with Colby College Policy and Maine State Law, which state that no student under the age of 21 may consume alcoholic beverages.

Drinking is a personal choice, and one for which you must assume full responsibility. Alcohol does not have to control your life and create problems for you. Should you choose to drink, the key is responsible moderation. Think before you drink, and make sure that drinking is your choice.

Legal medications taken without a prescription, and illegal drugs, such as marijuana, can have many adverse effects on students. Students are strongly encouraged to resist engaging in these activities. Problems that may seem minor can quickly escalate when using illegal substances.