College life can be exciting and fast-paced. It can also be overwhelming, demanding and stressful.  Colleges across the country report an increase in the number of students in distress, and Colby’s community of high-achieving students is not immune to the pressures of 21st-century campus life.  Students are coming to health and counseling services with a number of serious issues such as: depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts; learning disabilities; identity issues; sexual assault/ abuse; drug and alcohol abuse; obsessive-compulsive, post-traumatic stress, personality, sleep, and eating disorder issues; as well as relationship problems, social phobias and grief and loss issues. Social, emotional and psychological concerns can negatively affect a student’s academic performance as well as have a negative impact on the entire campus community.

By providing mental health services, we can help a student better adjust to college life, which improves the likelihood of meeting her or his personal, academic, and career goals. Garrison Foster Health Center psychiatric providers work collaboratively with Colby Counseling Center staff to provide comprehensive, psychological and psychiatric services for all students. All services are confidential unless the well -being of the student or the community is a concern.

Student Health On Campus (SHOC) peer educators, through the Colby Active Minds program, provide outreach and programs to educate the student body and reduce stigma around mental health issues.

The success of Colby’s collaborative community depends on maintaining the health of all of our individual community members and bolstering the connections that ensure we look out for one another and ourselves.

Garrison-Foster Health Center providers include a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and a consulting psychiatrist.

Lydia Bolduc Marden, FNP/PMHNP is an advanced – practice nurse who specializes in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of mental health problems and psychiatric disorders.

Robert Croswell, MD is a Board – certified psychiatrist and is the director of behavioral health services at Maine General Medical Center.

Appointments can be made by calling 207-859-4460.


Helpful Mental Health Links

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