The staff at the Garrison-Foster Health Center realize the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Not only will proper nutrition and frequent exercise make your body feel better, but they will also help you perform better in your studies. Eating well can be difficult among the stresses of academic work, sports, activities, and an active social life, but a proper diet will help you to excel in all of these areas.

The Garrison-Foster Health Center employs a Nutrition Consultant who is a Registered Dietician (RD) to help students with any questions or issues they may have. If you wish to meet with our Nutrition Consultant, you must obtain a referral from a practitioner or counselor. The Nutrition Consultant is available in the Health Center on a part-time basis during the academic year.  To arrange for a referral, call the Health Center at (207) 859-4460.

Eating Disorders

The staff at the Garrison-Foster Health Center take a team approach to eating disorders, utilizing a counselor, medical practitioner, and a registered dietitian. This is considered the most effective approach for recovery from eating disorders. Our eating disorder team has been trained by the Mainely Girls program so that they can best assist Colby’s students, who have eating issues. While we do not offer a treatment center, our eating disorder team assists students to:

  • Identify personal eating issues
  • Set goals for healthy eating
  • Strategize to achieve these goals
  • Seek counseling to assist with coping skills
  • Seek further treatment
  • Continue in a recovery program with his or her primary care physician