Sexual Health

The following sites provide general information on a wide range of sexual health concerns. Remember: these sites are for informational purposes only. You should always contact a practitioner if you think you may have an STD. Testing at the Garrison-Foster Health Center is free and confidential.

Mental Health

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

There is an alcohol and drug counselor on staff at the Garrison-Foster Health Center.

Common Illnesses

The Garrison-Foster Health Center offers a full range of diagnostic services. You may be refered to MaineGeneral for further testing.

General Well-Being

The staff at the Garrison-Foster Health Center can consult with you on any of these issues.


If you have further questions regarding medication use and abuse please contact the Garrison-Foster Health Center to make an appointment with a counselor or practitioner.


Exercise and Nutrition for Athletes

The Nutrition Counselor and the Sports Rehabilitation Department can consult with you about healthy eating and exercise.

Nutrition and Weight Control

Students can be reffered to the Nutrition Counselor by a practitioner or by a counselor.

Eating Disorders and Issues

Counseling Services and the Nutrition Counselor will work with you to try and manage any eating related issues that you may have.