The Health Center engages in universal, targeted, and indicated prevention efforts. From small group education sessions to broad campaigns on pertinent health issues, staff and student workers provide education and support that enhances the well being of Colby students.

Upcoming Wellness Seminars

Yes, No, Maybe: Navigating Sex on Campus – Rachel Hills

Tuesday, October 11, 7:30-8:30pm, Page Commons
Sexual health isn’t just about preventing pregnancy and STIs: it’s about carving out a sex and relationships life that works for you. But with so many conflicting ideas about what’s sexually “healthy” –– from saving yourself for marriage, to making sure you keep things “interesting,” to the idea that college is a cornucopia of endless sexual opportunity –– figuring out what you want and how to advocate for it is more easily said than done. In this interactive talk, The Sex Mythauthor Rachel Hills leads a discussion interrogating what we’re told we should be doing when it comes to sex, and the sex lives we actually want to have.

Confronting Ourselves: Promoting Diversity, Cultural Competence, and Inclusive Excellence through Community Building

Wednesday, October 19, 7:30-9:00pm, Page Commons
Dr. Derek Greenfield is a visionary speaker, consultant, and thought leader dedicated to inclusive excellence and positive change. With his dynamic and interactive approach, creative ideas, track record of success, and sense of humor, Dr. Greenfield has become a highly requested presenter across the globe. His powerful keynotes and workshops on issues such as diversity and inclusion, motivation, team building, student development, innovative pedagogy, and hip-hop culture have been featured at a wide range of conferences, companies, and colleges, including McDonald’s Corporation, NCAA, International Conference on Cultural Diversity, Hilton Hotels, MIT, Progress Energy, and the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.

Processing Emotion through Making Art

Sunday, October 23, 2-4pm, Colby Museum
Art therapy comes in many forms, but all are effective in calming your emotions and thoughts, as well as being the starting point for self-expression and communication. In this workshop we will be working with watercolors to outline our bodily state and talk about the areas that are most dense and opaque. It will be like creating a relaxing self-portrait. To better process your emotions and thoughts, you are encouraged to bring your own music to listen to while you draw. Class size is limited. Please register your interest at

Introduction to Meditation with Jing Ye

Tuesday, November 1, 7-8pm, Rose Chapel
Meditation has been proven to enhance relaxation and overall well being. This experiential workshop will introduce basic technique and provide the opportunity to begin a practice of mindfulness. Class size is limited. Please register your interest at:

Stress Relief Workshop with SHOC

Tuesday, November 29, 7-8pm, Rose Chapel
Join us at the Stress Workshop to relax, unwind, and reflect on the causes of stress and tools to manage stress in our daily lives. This interactive workshop will consist of a series of exercises to help relieve stress, such as journaling, massage, group games, guided breathing/meditation, group discussions and self-reflection. Class size is limited. Please register your interest at:

Am I Enough? A Survival Guide for the Incoming Freshman with Scott Fried

Monday, January 9, 2017, 7:30-8:30pm, Ostrove Auditorium
This workshop connects with the hidden world of many young people, illustrating feelings of isolation and separateness, and teaching how to embrace the difficult issues that arise while growing toward full adulthood. Using case studies and real emails from teens in crisis, Scott takes us through such topics as sexual responsibility, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, self-immolation, and suicidal ideation, and ties together a central theme of loneliness and seclusion. This talk helps answer the haunting question: “Am I Enough?