Student Health on Campus (SHOC) is run by Colby Students under the direction of a staff advisor. SHOC members work to educate students around campus about issues relating to their health and wellness. They develop and present creative, interactive workshops including: stress reduction, responsible drinking, healthy eating, and sexual health. Members also organize and promote different events on campus such as: wellness seminars, blood drives, and a “stressbuster” fair. If you are interested in joining SHOC, please contact the staff advisor, Katie Sawyer.


Stressbusters 2015

Stressbusters Prep Fall 2015

SHOC is hard at work prepping for their Stressbusters event! Stress management is especially important during these last few stressful weeks of the semester.


Health Topic of the Month: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)




Click here for an article on handling FOMO.






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