We would like to welcome three new professors to the History Department for the 2015-2016 academic year:

Professor Peter Thilly, who earned his Ph.D. in Modern East Asian history at Northwestern University, will be teaching East Asian history courses while Professor LaCouture is on sabbatical. The title of Professor Thilly’s dissertation is “Treacherous Waters: Drug Smuggling in Modern Fujian.”


Professor Ed Hayes, who earned his Ph.D. in Islamic history at the University of Chicago, will be teaching Islamic history courses while Professor Turner is on sabbatical. The title of Professor Hayes’s dissertation is “Ibn Bãbüya’s dream:  Shï ï history through the lens of the ghayba.”


Professor Sarah Watkins, who earned her Ph.D. in History, with Doctoral Emphasis in Feminist Studies, will be teaching World history courses while Professor Webb is on leave. The title of Professor Watkins’ dissertation is “Iron Mothers and Warrior Lovers: Intimacy, Power, and the State in the Nyiginya Kingdom, 1796-1913.”