The History Department announces with great pleasure the call for proposals for Sarah Janney Internship Grants. These competitive grants (3/year) are intended to allow History majors to accept otherwise unfunded internships in archives, museums, historical sites, and libraries in the U.S. while gaining valuable experience related to the major and to future career opportunities.

Funding: Internship funding is available to continuing, full-time Colby students who are History majors and will provide $3000 toward student expenses. For more information about internships and their structure, please explore the Career Center’s internship information page. As noted above, these grants are intended to fund otherwise unfunded internships. Consistent with the Colby Internship Policy (click on the “Getting Credit” tab on the internship site), before funds may be disbursed your internship must be approved to receive transcript notation.

Proposals: Applicants should submit a proposal that aims for conciseness and clarity in which you include the following information :

● your name, class year, and current contact information

● description of the internship, its structure, number of hours per week, contact information for the internship supervisor, and what you hope to learn from the experience

● the connection to your Colby education and to your History major

● a proposed itemized budget

● a current resume

● two letters of support submitted separately by the recommenders

Please make note of these important “Considerations” from the Career Center

  • Funding does not serve as compensation for an internship. Rather, it is intended to cover supplemental costs that students may incur when working in an internship, e.g., lodging, travel expenses, commuting costs, and meals.
  • Applicants do NOT need to have a confirmed internship to apply. Based on the application deadlines, students are often still waiting to hear back regarding their summer plans at the time applications are due. Funding applications can still be submitted without a secured internship, but should be completed with information for one specific opportunity, based on what is most likely to take place. The committee will make a decision based on the initial application.
  • If you are awarded funding, it will be provisional on receipt of a letter from the organization confirming the internship. If your plans change and you end up pursuing a different opportunity, you will need to resubmit the application with any updated internship information.
  • You must also complete the online application form to apply for an internship, posted on the ‘Getting Credit’ tab of the Internships page.


Deadline: Grant applications for Summer is April 3, 2017 at 5pm.

All materials must be submitted electronically to You should check to make sure that your application is complete before the deadline. Late applications will not be considered. The faculty of the History Department will review the materials. Please note that after the internship is completed grant recipients must submit a brief (300-500 words) report suitable for inclusion in a Departmental newsletter or on our website to the Department Chair. In addition, a detailed expense report (including copies of receipts) must be submitted. Reports for Summer internships are due September 6, 2017.

Further information: please consult the Career Center’s internship FAQ. For further questions contact the History Department Chair, John Turner,