humanitiesThe study of the humanities offers particular insights into the human condition by training young minds to make intellectual, aesthetic, moral, and spiritual sense of the world, and encouraging all members of an intellectual community to think critically about our connections to the lives of others–past, present and future.

The Humanities Division at Colby encompasses ten departments and one program:  Art, Classics, Creative Writing, East Asian Studies, English, French & Italian, German & Russian, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Spanish and Theater & Dance.

Humanities Grants In Support Of Scholarly And Creative Activity

The Humanities Grant Program, which was inaugurated in 1968 with the aid of a Ford Foundation grant and which is now funded by the College. With the exception of those who hold endowed chairs, the Program is open to all continuing members of the faculty (Categories I, II, and III) associated with the departments of Art, Classics, East Asian Studies, English, French & Italian, German & Russian, Music, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Spanish, Theater & Dance, and to members of the library staff who hold faculty appointments. Please click here to apply for a Humanities Grant.

Please contact the Chair of the Humanities Division, Adrianna Paliyenko, with any questions.