MOOC_poster_mathplourdeWhat is a MOOC? 

Pronounced \mo͞ok/

MOOC stands for “massive open online course.” It originated in the US in 2008, to describe free, easily accessible, completely online courses, that offer an opportunity to study with top Universities around the world.

Regardless of your financial circumstances or where you live, MOOCs are free and accessible to anywhere with an internet connection. Because they take place online and have no limit on attendance, MOOCs can grow very big, and you might find yourself learning with thousands of other people – hence the ‘M’ for massive.

You can gain knowledge in all sorts of areas – whether you want to support your career or you’re exploring personal interests.

How does a MOOC work?

MOOCs usually have a specific start and finish date.  They run a couple of times a year, and last for weeks rather than months or years.

MOOC’s include a wide range of online media and interactive tools, including video lectures, articles, discussions, assignments and social networking.

In summary, they are free online courses for anyone to access for personal and/or professional development and have the ability to network and learn from others globally.

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