Coming September 2017, Colby Human Resources presents…


In complement with other professional development programs, HR On-Demand offers:

  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • View from your computer or mobile device
  • Shorter length programs/sessions 
  • Printable completion certificates (to keep and track your professional development activities)

ABOUT HR On-Demand

IMPORTANT TIPS for best viewing experience:

  1. Individuals should plan to watch their selected presentation in one sitting, as there is no option for saving and resuming viewing.
  2. If individuals are sharing a computer, once a module has been completed, make sure to quit/exit fully out of the browser before relaunching the presentation again.
  3. If possible, use an external audio device such as a headset for clearer audio.
  4. Follow along by downloading the files attached to the video player.

If you have trouble viewing the presentation, please contact Colby ITS Support at or 859-4222.

For more information on upcoming professional development opportunities, visit our online schedule.

Any questions or matters related to training and learning, please contact Melissa Breger.