holocaust-956654_1920Knowledge is a powerful thing. It teaches us ways to identify and interrupt injustice early on.

History shows us there are no small or simple acts of injustice and that they are all connected by a sequence of circumstances that eventually lead toward terrible and violent situations.

Explore the meaning of interrupting injustice.

With an exclusive look on the important lessons from the Nazi Holocaust and the specific events (acts) that lead to Kristallnacht, and the aftermath, this presentation:

  • Illustrates how prejudice and discrimination played a role leading to these circumstances.
  • Reflects on the ways we can make informed judgments, not only on behalf of ourselves but on behalf of a larger community.

Below is the recording from the August 16, 2016, session.

Presented by Liz Helitzer from the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine (website)

(Approximate time total for recorded sessions: ~80 minutes)

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