People development is the ♥ of Talent Development.

At Colby, talent development and training are an important part of helping staff achieve their potential. To support the diverse interests of our staff, we will be offering a variety of professional development opportunities, including online and in-person training sessions with many additional resources provided by our Library and Academic ITS department.

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HR Primetime Quick Series


Colby’s internally created professional development trainings provide skill enhancement in areas such as Communication, Career Development, Technical training and many more, all delivered efficiently within 1 – 2 hour sessions.

These sessions are open and available for ALL staff to attend. Due to room size and logistics, registration is required to attend.

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Colby Resources Sessions



As a world-class liberal arts college, Colby has many resources for our staff to maximize their professional and personal development. Get informed and be empowered from learning about resources like, Colby Libraries, and Academic ITS workshops, to name a few.

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Colby Supervisor Development Program


Colby’s Supervisor Development Program is designed to assist supervisors of staff in gaining or enhancing skills and knowledge that will help them effectively manage people or functions. Instruction will be provided by HR, internal experts, or external consultants who have special knowledge about the selected topic and sessions will generally be one to two hours in length. Initially, the program will include on-site education sessions, which may eventually be supplemented with online or self-directed learning opportunities. Participation is for exempt (not hourly) employees actively employed as a supervisor or an interested individual contributor who oversees projects/initiatives.

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