Comm-Sender-Receiver2Do you have difficulty figuring out how to communicate with others or vice versa? Are you looking for ways to improve your interaction and/or strengthen relationships with others?

Communication, in its simplest form is a message that is sent by a SENDER and received by a RECEIVER. However, it is far more complex than a simple verbal or written exchange. There are many forms of communication besides what we say, including how we speak, our body language, and personal space. 

Communication is an expression of personality style and can affect and influence our everyday interactions. 

 Join us for this 1.5 hour in-person training session to:

  • Understand how communication impacts our relationships with others
  • Learn about the different types of communication
  • Identify your personal communication style
  • Understand the four (4) communication styles
  • Understand how to use style to improve communication

Due to room size and logistics, registration is required.


About the facilitator(s):

Melissa Breger, Assistant Director for Talent Development