Colby Liberal Arts Symposium 2017
April 27, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

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Global Food Policy
Diamond 141
Session Sponsor: Travis Reynolds
04/28/17  -  11:00 am - 12:15 pm  
  Beatty, Anna B. ('17)
  Mitigating Environmental Impacts and Improving Productivity of Farmed Atlantic Salmon
  Berzansky, Isabel ('19)
  Industrial Sugarcane Production in Uganda
  Blake, Gavin C. ('18)
  The Tasmanian Salmonid Industry
  Burch, Samantha R. ('18)
  Brazil’s Competitive Coffee Industry
  Fowler, Grace W. ('17)
  Tobacco Dependence and Food Insecurity in Malawi
  Goldfarb, Cara G. ('17)
  Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers in the United States Food Economy
  Griffith, Thomas C. ('18)
  The Future of Meat: What Is Next for the United States?
  Hall, Jackson M. ('17)
  A Place for Traditional Fermented Beverages: Ethiopia's Thriving Beer Industry
  Kwasman, Hannah R. ('17)
  Climate Change Impacts on Winter Wheat in Washington State
  Labonte, Cassandra P. ('19)
  Antibiotic Regulation for Food Animals in Denmark
The First World War
Diamond 343
Session Sponsor: Raffael Scheck
05/02/17  -   9:30 am - 10:45 am  
  Springer, Morgan F. ('17)
  Mules at War: Colby Student Involvement in the First World War
  Therriault, Dylan W. ('19)
  Singing in the Trenches: Tunes and English-language Songs of World War I Soldiers
  Weaver, Lucy P. ('19)
  From Waterville to the Western Front and Back: The Career of Murray A. Morgan (Colby Class of
  Archibald, Nicholas M. ('17)
  Colby at War
  Chenail, Katherine C. ('17)
  Colby at War: Sergeant Harold B. Taft and the American Expeditionary Force in France 1917-1918
Development, Genes, and Evolution
Olin 335
Session Sponsor: David Angelini
05/02/17  -  11:00 am - 12:15 pm  
  Shaw, Emily L. ('19)
  Dunlavey, Julia M. ('17)
  Hara, Ryan S. ('18)
  Just, Josefine ('19)
  Laser, Jacob F. ('17)
  Li, Andrew E. ('18)
Global Food Policy
Diamond 141
Session Sponsor: Travis Reynolds
05/02/17  -  11:00 am - 12:15 pm  
  Lacasse, Hannah K. ('17)
  Sorghum Potential in Tanzania
  Ladina, Albertha ('17)
  Gatherers and Hunters: The Effects of Popular Discourse on Dietary Choices
  Lee, Annie H. ('20)
  The Chicken Industry in Vietnam
  Lehman, Daniel H. ('19)
  The U.S. Sugar Industry
  Lin, Elenia L. ('18)
  Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato in Sub Saharan Africa
  MacDougall, Lydia T. ('17)
  Italian Olive Trees vs. Xylella fastidiosa
  Martzolf, Andrew H. ('17)
  Environmental Impact of Salmon Aquaculture in the United States
  Padgett, Catherine G. ('17)
  Genetically Modified Cassava: Key to Food Security in Malagasy Communities?
  Renkey, Emily F. ('19)
  Preserving Oases Food Systems: Policies to Increase Resilience, Crop Yield and Food Security in the Sahara Maghreb Region
  Semmes, Benedict J. ('17)
  Animal Welfare and The New Zealand– Saudi Arabian Sheep Trade
Olin 332
Session Sponsor: Tariq Ahmad
05/02/17  -   1:00 pm - 4:00 pm  
  Dan, Shu ('20) and Lapp, Caroline E. ('19)
  The Effect of Malathion on Crab Cardiac Rate
  Daniels, Carolyn I. ('19) and Venditti, Lydia F. ('19)
  Effects of Atrazine on Fiddler Crabs
  Johnson, Josiah M. ('19) and Laidley, Jenna L. ('19)
  Assessing the Cardiac Effects of Acetaminophen on Fiddler Crabs
  Grossman, Alessandra B. ('19) and Piibe, Aleksandra N. ('19)
  Effect of Solution Salinity on Crab Heart Rate
  Murtha, Celeste M. ('17) and Larock, Zoe C. ('18)
  The Effects of Prozac (fluoxetine) on the heart rate of Uca Pugilator
Third Wave of Environmental Management
Diamond 223
Session Sponsor: Nathan Chan
05/02/17  -   1:00 pm - 3:30 pm  
  Barry, Thomas W.,, IV ('17)
  When Trash Costs Money: Analyzing the Impact of Pay-As-You-Throw Programs in Massachusetts
  Bower, Frederick M. ('17)
  The Long Term Effect of State Renewable Energy Incentive Programs
  Conley, Ashley N. ('17) and Robinson, Rebecca T. ('17)
  Water Restrictions and Water Use: An Analysis of Water Restriction Effects in Norfolk County, Massachusetts
  Coveney, Christine S. ('17) and Perticone, Alexandra T. ('17)
  Understanding How Public Transportation Affects Housing Prices
  Doherty, Kevin W. ('17)
  Electricity Demand Due to Policy Change In The U.K.
  Martinez, Mark ('17)
  Rosenberg, Nicholas R. ('17)
  The EPA's Air Quality Index, and Public Transportation Usage in the Chicago Metro Region
  Shi, Hanjing ('17)
  How smog alerts affect behaviors in Beijing
  Voigt, George A. ('17)
  Nudging Neighbors: Analyzing Peer Effects of the LakeSmart Program in the Belgrade Lakes
  Yasuda, Lukas A. ('17)
  The Demographic Drivers of California's Environmental Voting
Analysis of Algorithms
Davis 301
Session Sponsor: Dale Skrien
05/03/17  -   1:00 pm - 2:15 pm  
  Adamson, Jacob E. ('17), He, He ('18), Hews, Joshua D. ('17) and Patrizio, Lawrence J. ('17)
  Graph Coloring algorithms
  Bossi, Hannah J. ('18), Hoffman, Sara M. ('18) and Karp, Riley S. ('19)
  The Knapsack Problem
  Hughes, Phoebe L. ('17), Lam, Tiffany C. ('17), Lin, Jun S. ('17) and Beck, Charles M. ('17)
  Public Key Cryptography
  Kallick, Mathias D. ('18), Jiang, Shangcheng ('17), Rinker, Alexander B. ('17) and Zhou, Edward H. ('17)
  Error-correcting codes
  Mao, Melody Z. ('19), Sherman, Demosthenes C. ('17), Gurevitch, Jason M. ('19) and Chistolini, Victoria A. ('18)
  Data compression algorithms
  Marrie, Luc Y. ('17), Moore, Jay A. ('18), Karki, Ananta P. ('19) and Kinoshita, Makoto ('18)
  The Miller-Rabin Primality Test
  Satloff, Theodore J. ('19), Scammell, Christopher K. ('18), Salerno, Ryan M. ('17) and Griggs, Walker P. ('19)
  Comparison of binary search trees
  Savillo, Evan A. ('18), Song, Haoyu ('18) and Zhao, Danqing ('18)
  Graph algorithms
The First World War
Diamond 343
Session Sponsor: Raffael Scheck
05/04/17  -   9:30 am - 10:45 am  
  Wise, Julian S. ('17)
  A New Zealander at War
  Xu, Shuofeng ('20)
  The Role of Nationalism in Causing World War I
  Kopec, Amy C. ('18)
  The Forest for the Trees: How World War I Impacted Forestry in Europe
  Muscat, Claire L. ('17)
  The Jewish-German World War I Experience
Development, Genes, and Evolution
Olin 335
Session Sponsor: David Angelini
05/04/17  -  11:00 am - 12:15 pm  
  Liphart, Ian R. ('18)
  Miranda-Katz, Margot R. ('18)
  Newhall, Hannah S. ('18)
  Swart, Jane S. ('18)
  Wain, Lily C. ('19)
  Yang, Ivan ('17)
Global Food Policy
Diamond 141
Session Sponsor: Travis Reynolds
05/04/17  -  11:00 am - 12:15 pm  
  Simpson, Edward F. ('17)
  Viability of the Emerging Rice Production Sector in Maine
  Spencer, Christopher M. ('18)
  The California Almond Industry: Water Hog or Convenient Scapegoat?
  Stephens, Clare A. ('18)
  Cattle Ranching, Deforestation and Public Health in Brazil
  Wallack, Carina M. ('17)
  Industry Bias in the Scientific Literature on Genetically Modified Crops
  Weiss, Anthea S. ('18)
  Small Farms, Big Organic: Corporations’ Roles in Organic Food Policy in the U.S.
  Wu, Jiaqi ('19)
  Soybeans as Food (not Feed) in China
  Yu, Long Yung ('19)
  The Ugly Side of the Superfood Trend: Impacts of Rising Global Demand for Quinoa on Farmers in Bolivia and Peru
  Zebrowski, Wesley ('18)
  Apiculture in the European Union under the Common Agriculture Policy
Olin 332
Session Sponsor: Tariq Ahmad
05/04/17  -   1:00 pm - 4:00 pm  
  Barry, Samantha K. ('20), Chen, Tianzeng ('18) and Lukic, Tamara ('19)
  Effect of Acetylcholine on Crab Cardiac System
  Cerepak, Robert ('20), Lucas, Alexandria H. ('17) and Tseng, Ryan C. ('19)
  Effect of Toluene Exposure on Crabs
  Kane, Elizabeth R. ('19), Bridges, Sarra J. ('19) and Song, Annabelle Jiwon ('17)
  Crayfish Exposure to Lead and Observation of Nerve Activity
Honors and Independent Study Projects
Davis 117
Session Sponsor: Liam O'Brien
05/04/17  -   2:00 pm - 4:30 pm  
  2:00 -  Asega, Yohannes D. ('17)
  When is a compact analytic subspace of a complex projective space algebraic?
  2:45 - Manning, James F._V ('17)
  Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: The Mathematics Behind the Butterfly Effect
  3:30 - Liukasemsarn, Saran ('17)
  Numerical Solution of the Black-Scholes PDE

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