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CMR Hotline x4245

Colby's Telephone System
    Voice mail, phone features, conference calling, long distance, directory info

Cell Service at Colby
    Cell phone support, smart phones, loaner cell phone, IRS rules, carrier sites

Classroom Support
    Classroom equipment list, larger venues w/videos, classroom schedules

Event Support
    Standard vs Gold Shirt service, scheduling info, venue videos, support request

Equipment Loaner Pool
    Checkout procedures for laptops, cameras, PA's, projectors/screens, conf/cell phones

Campus Copiers
    Campus locations, key operators, type of equipment, connectivity, copyright issues

Cable TV at Colby
    Channel listings, service & maintenance, digital service note

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Immediate help needed: call our CMR Hotline x4245

Campus telephone system: complete Service Request

Campus Cable TV system: review CATV Maintenance

Public Area Viewing Screens: read Digital Signage Policy

The CMR Staff


Kenneth T. Gagnon

Director of Media Resources
(207) 859-4239

Arleen King Lovelace
Operations/Customer Service Spvr
(207) 859-4244

Scott Perrow
Sound Tech-Contractor
(207) 859-4240


David C. Pinkham Jr.
Sound/Video Svcs Coordinator
(207) 859-4243

Fred Staples
Telephone Tech-Contractor
(207) 859-4238

Amber Davis
Event Tech Contractor
(207) 859-4240

The Four Pillars of Colby Media Resources

Colby Media Resources (CMR) is a college department within Information Technology Services (ITS) which in turn reports to the Administrative Vice President who reports to the President. Working with finite resources, CMR must carefully control what services are provided so that they can be provided exceptionally well. Four distinct pillars of technical and service support have been developed for the Colby Community. They are:

Classroom Support: support of the college's academic mission with high quality classroom technology is our highest priority, including the design and installation of new and upgraded technology as well as daily operational support;

Event Support: sound and video of special events scheduled in a wide array of on-campus locations from Dana lawn to Lorimer Chapel, and ranging from a trustee dinner to a student sponsored concert;

Telecommunications: the telephone system with phones in student rooms and faculty/staff offices, as well as the voice mail system, cell service, pagers, and conference calling;

Customer Service: although harder to define, a critical support of the other three pillars that recognizes we are all striving to best serve the College but understanding mistakes will be made so we must anticipate, adapt, prevent and when necessary react to problems.

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