Integrated Studies


The liberal arts experience emphasizes academic exploration. By taking courses outside of your major and analyzing a focused topic from different viewpoints, you just might discover a passion for something completely unexpected. Colby’s Integrated Studies Program is at the heart of this liberal arts experience.

Integrated studies clusters consist of two courses that investigate a specific topic or historical period from the perspectives of different disciplines. You’ll explore the topic in great depth, working closely with a team of two faculty members in small, seminar-style classes. Not only will you gain mastery of an important subject, but you’ll also learn how to examine an aspect of the human experience through multiple lenses, to make creative connections between disciplines, and to think critically and write effectively, asking important questions along the way. Each cluster satisfies at least two academic distribution requirements, and most clusters fulfill the first-year writing requirement.

Primarily for first-year students, the clusters are a great foundation for further liberal arts study. In addition to the courses in the cluster, you’ll sign up for two additional courses, which allow you to fulfill other requirements or try out a course in a potential major.