Green Cluster students explore central questions in environmental philosophy, ethics, and policy and learn the history, theory, and practice of environmental activism as they pursue their own activist projects. See Philosophy 126 and Environmental Studies 126 for course descriptions. Satisfies the Social Science and First-year Writing distribution requirements. Eight credit hours.  CARLSON, PETERSON

Walden_2-580x617PL126f Philosophy and the Environment  An introduction to philosophy approached through prominent questions and themes in environmental philosophy. Topics include the historical context and causes of environmental crisis, anthropocentrism, animal rights, intrinsic value, biocentrism, ecocentrism, and radical social theories, incorporating core philosophical issues in ethics, philosophical anthropology, and nature philosophy. These provide resources for clear and creative reasoning on the philosophical aspects of creating sustainable communities, for reflection on value priorities, and for exploration of relationships between academic work and social responsibility. PETERSON

ES126f  Environmental Activism

Powershift-580x385An introduction to the history, theory, and practice of environmental activism, incorporating both global and local perspectives. Students explore the social phenomena that underlay human action in the environmental arena, taking an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses history, social movement and political theory, media studies, gender studies, psychology, and first-person narratives. Goals include 1) developing effective skills in critical reading, analysis, and communication; 2) developing an appreciation for the vastness and diversity of human responses to environmental challenges; and 3) providing the opportunity for students to apply their emerging leadership and organizing skills to the design of a student environmental group. CARLSON