This summer we said goodbye to colleagues, greeted new staff, and made some organizational changes resulting in new roles for a few ITS employees.

At the end of June, we sent Paul Meyer and Ken Gagnon off to retirement.  Ken, a thirty year employee of Colby, held many positions in his time here. As part of ITS, he was Director of Media Resources and made many positive changes, including improving and standardizing the technology and support of technology in the classrooms. Support for events and their technology needs was initiated and greatly improved on Ken’s watch.

Paul, a seventeen year employee, made his mark on the campus in many ways. He was part of the Work Place Advisor committee through the life of this committee.  As a Senior Information Analyst he strived to provide “stellar” service to the Colby community. Paul’s contributions to the system behind “CLAS” was well recognized.  His humor and storytelling kept his co-workers in stitches.

Organization Changes, New Hires, and Promotions

In July, we made some adjustments to the ITS team, resulting in role changes, in addition to filling two new positions. Through the feedback I heard in my listening sessions around campus last year, I heard many say they didn’t know who to call. I heard the faculty express a desire to be more involved in classroom technology selection. I heard we needed more event support, and I heard of the need for ITS to be more responsive to the growing demand for technology to meet operational needs. As a result, we have simplified our organizational structure to reduce duplication in our work, improve our teamwork, and improve our responsiveness. Here are the highlights of the changes.


Support Center and Support Services

To provide more streamlined, responsive support services, ITS made some structural and location changes to what was Personal Computing Support Services, the various help desks, and Media Resources.

  • The three help desks, faculty/staff, student, and media resources, are now one ITS Support Center. You can find more on the Support Center changes here.
  • Personal Computing Support Services is now Support Services. This team is still led by Rurik Spence, and has assumed responsibility for media resources help desk and support services, including event support, the classroom hotline which is now included in our “one number” approach, as well as copiers.
  • While Media Resources no longer exists as a division within ITS, we continue to deliver these important services. Event technology and classroom technology support are now part of the ITS Support Center, and we have added a new event support position.
    • Arleen King-Lovelace is now Event Technology Manager
    • Ian Murphy is our new  ITS Audio-Visual and Events Technician, reporting to Arleen. Ian has spent a decade in the administration of public libraries in Maine and New York. Earlier in his career, he spent a decade based in New York City as a theatrical sound designer & production manager and as the Operations Manager for One Dream Sound.


Academic ITS New Team Members and Role Changes

Academic ITS has a few changes to better connect faculty to learning spaces technology planning and selection, as well as increase support for high performance computing.

  • In order to create a better connection between faculty, pedagogy, and classroom technology, David Pinkham is now Learning Spaces Technology Coordinator and part of Academic ITS.
  • Randy Downer is now our High Performance Computing Applications Manager, thanks to an NSF grant as well as commitment from Colby.
  • Jacob Fosso Tande is our new Scientific Computing Coordinator reporting to Randy Downer. Jacob comes to Colby to partner with faculty and students in the Natural Sciences division on their computational needs. He most recently held an appointment at the University of New England’s College of Pharmacy as a research associate. Prior to that, Jacob did postdoc work at Florida State University. He completed his graduate work at the University of Tennessee where he earned a Ph.D. in physical chemistry with a concentration in computational chemistry. A member of the Academic ITS team, Jacob’s office is in Arey 206 and his extension is 4198.


System and Network Operations Becomes “Enterprise Services”

Systems and Network Operations is now called Enterprise Services. The Enterprise Services team includes the Network team, and an expanded system and server administration team, as well as responsibility for the telephone and cable TV systems.

  • Dan Siff’s title has changed to Director of Enterprise Services.
  • Keith McGlaufflin and Scott Twitchell are now part of the System Administration team joining Jeff Earickson, Sean Boyd, and Alex Lelchuk. Keith, a talented, long term member of ITS, has taken on the role of Manager of System Administration. The group handles system, application, and web administration.


Administrative ITS Becomes “Consulting and Solutions”

Administrative ITS is now Consulting and Solutions. As the College has shifted toward more cloud and third party services, the role of the Administrative ITS team is changing from developing solutions to consulting on and integrating new technology solutions and business processes. The services they fill are not exclusive to Administration, but are in support of many academic functions as well.

  • Cathy Langlais is the Director of Consulting and Solutions
  • The Consulting and Solutions team includes Beth Rhinelander, Shara Marquis, Gloria Wooten, and Don Lecker who joined us this summer as an Information Systems Analyst. Don comes with extensive information technology experience in healthcare and banking. He comes with experience in reporting and is working on his certification as a Lean/Six Sigma Green belt.