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Colby Meet Me Conference Bridge is designed for ease of use and cost-effectiveness. A pre-approved Chairperson schedules and typically chairs the conference. Reservations are not required for on or off campus use. Colby Meet Me can accommodate up to 46 participants, who call in toll free on 877 860-7640 (Toll charges are part of the monthly $15 fixed expense billed to accounts.)NOTE: Consider a Conference Call rather than the Conference Bridge if fewer than 6 participants. (Learn More)

Conference Bridge Terms

Dial-In Number:
Access Code:
Chairperson PIN:
The Colby person originating conferences within the bridge.
The people (up to 60) who join the Chairperson on the conference bridge.
The toll free telephone number used by parties to enter the conference bridge.
A 6 digit number identifying the appropriate conference.
The unique number identifying the Chairperson within the conference.

Preparing for a Conference
Send participants important conference information with the email form below.
(A copy of the email will be sent to you).


Conference Bridge Email Invite

  • :

Initiating a Conference

1. Dial the Meet Me conference bridge campus extension x5900.
2. When prompted, enter your Access Code then press pound (#).
3. Press star (*) to be recognized as the Chairperson.
4. Enter your Chairperson PIN followed by the pound (#).
5. Press 1 to begin conference. (Options 2 and 3 are Advanced Features described below.)
Waiting participants will be added.

Commands Available to Chairperson During Conference


Mute Yourself

Unmute Your Phone

Lock a Conference
No one else in.

Unlock a conference

Mute the Conference

Unmute the Conference

Hear a count of participants

Hear a list of commands

Advanced Features Available to the Chairperson

To access Advanced Features, log in as a Chairperson. As above, follow steps 1-4, then:
5. Rather than pressing 1 to join a conference, you can press 2 or 3.


Adds a passcode requirement before participants can join a conference.
Prompts you set up a passcode. NOTE: Be sure participants know the passcode.
Other advanced settings.
Press * to exit Advanced Functions.
Press 1 to change your chairperson PIN number.
Press 2 to toggle through the following functions:
Press 1->Default->
Press 1->Default->
Press 1->
Press 1->
Conference can not begin before chairperson arrives.
Conference can begin with or without chairperson Conference ends when chairperson hangs up.
Conference can continue after chairperson hangs up Participants entering conference are announced with a tone.
Participants entering conference are announced with their name.
Participants entering conference without being announced.


ECHO An echo heard during conference calls can have multiple causes but is rarely related to on-campus equipment, facilities or network. The most common cause is the use by any of the conference participants of a hands-free feature common to handheld devices such as cell phones. The hands-free feature coupled with a higher than normal volume setting (which may be used in a vehicle or other noisy environment) can result in an echo heard by the entire conference even if the party with such settings is not speaking. The device’s noise-cancelling, which tries to interpret then allow or cancel sounds gets overwhelmed with background noise.

The caller causing the echo needs to be identified and take action to adjust her/his phone. Ask participants to:
1) not use the hands-free feature of their device,
2) keep the phone volume to a minimum and
3) try to participate in a relatively quiet environment.

A second but less frequent cause of an echo may come from the telephone network itself. Calls travel across the country and around the world passing through various and often numerous phone company facilities. The constant back and forth conversions from analog (2 wire) to digital (4 wire) and vice versa have delays which create an echo. All telephone company facilities have echo cancellation equipment and software but sometimes it doesn’t operate properly. Such failures can occur between just two parties but when compounded by multiple callers from far distances, the possibility of hitting that one bad path increases exponentially.

Having individual callers drop off the conference call one at a time until the faulty connection is discovered would isolate the problem. A quicker, although more disruptive, approach may be to terminate the conference and start again. The route of the faulty connection would likely be bypassed as there are multiple possible routes with each call.