Dragon Dictate 3 is a voice recognition program, identical in function to its Windows counterpart, Dragon Naturally Speaking 12. It offers dictation functionality, along with a limited level of voice control over the computer. It is very effective and accurate at dictation in programs like Microsoft Word, but it has limited functionality as a program that can control your entire computer. This process is not intuitive and the commands can be difficult to learn and apply. Dragon Dictate 3 works best as a keyboard replacement.


Installation and Setup Guide

  1. Insert the DVD into your mac, and install Dragon Dictate. Follow the instructions in the installer. It is very straightforward.
  2. After the installation, open System Preferences in the Mac OS and click on the Universal Access On the bottom of Seeing tab, click to enable access to assistive device. This is a necessary step before you can use Dragon Dictate with your computer.
  3. Launch Dragon Dictate
  4. Choose your profile name and where to save it
  5. Chose the option of microphone you will be using:
    1. USB Headset: plug the USB headset into a USB port of your Mac. Then place the microphone a thumb’s width away from the corner of your mouth.
      Graphics Dragon
    2. Dragon Remote Microphone Application
      1. For this option, you will need an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (4th Generation). Then download the free application from http://www.nuance.com/dragon/recorder-app/index.htm.
    3. Input Microphone: Chose the internal microphone option.
  6. Adjust the microphone as guided by Setup.
  7. Select the language to be recognized and your accent.
  8. Click on the Voice Training tab at the bottom right of the screen. Choose from the options a training session Make sure you are in a quiet place where you can speak loudly and clearly.
  9. Click on the Tutorial tab at the bottom right of the screen. Taking the Tutorial will help you to become familiar with the basic operations of Dragon Dictate. When the application is on, the available commands are listed on a toolbox. To improve your performance while using the program, remember to speak at a uniform speed and when dictating text remember to say out loud any quotation marks or punctuation you would like to include.
  10. Useful tips:
    1. Before saying a command wait a few seconds after your last spoken interaction with the program. That will allow the program to recognize that what you are saying is a command, rather than a continuation of dictation.
    2. You can use Dictate to give commands in words documents, just make sure the application window is the forward most window open. To do this say “Activate Microsoft Word.


On the following page is a table of commands can help you communicate with the program.

Dragon Command