A redirect is NOT an email forward.  Colby will not forward your email for you.  A redirect bounces the message intended for you back to the sender, with the following message:

Subject: Colby user [your old email address] has moved


The person using the e-mail address “[your Colby email address]” is no longer at Colby College.  Before leaving, [your Colby userid] wanted you to know that his/her new e-mail address is:

[your new email address@somewhere]

If you are writing to [your Colby userid] about Colby business-related issues, then please consult Colby’s online personnel directory at:


to find the correct department or person to write to.

Please note the new address above, and then resend your message (if appropriate) with the subject:

[whatever the subject of the email was]

to the new e-mail address.  YOUR MESSAGE WAS NOT DELIVERED.

Thank You,
The Colby College Postmaster

The information in the square brackets is replaced by information that you supply us via this webpage, which will be your Colby userid, and the new NON-COLBY email address that you would like to advertise to the world.

Why Colby does not use Email forwards:

Colby will not forward email to other sites.  There is a good reason for this.  At some point your Colby account will be closed and your “@colby.edu” email address will cease to exist. When that happens you will become “User Unknown” when someone attempts to email you at your colby.edu email address.  You won’t know someone tried to email you, the person who emailed you may find out your email address is no longer valid but they won’t know what your new email address is.  This is why we suggest you advertise a new email address for people to send to.  An email redirect will continue to advertise your new address for the period specified, even after your computer account at Colby has been closed. What would happen if we forwarded email instead?  Once we close your Colby account  the sender will have no clue that your true email address is and you will not receive their email. With a redirect, they would know that your address has changed.   At that point, you become “User Unknown” for anybody who was using your old Colby address and you are out of luck.  Suddenly people can’t find you.  So, it is better to advertise your new email address with a redirect, than hide it with a forward.