1. Open the Printer Setup Utility from Applications -> Utilities or on the Dock
  2. Click Add
  3. Choose IP Printing from the drop down list
  4. Type the printer IP address found on the brightly colored sticker on the printer you wish to use
  5. Choose the appropriate Printer Model from the pull down list
  6. Choose the appropriate Model Name from the list
  7. Click Add
  8. Printer List should now show the printer
  9. Highlight the printer and click Make Default to set default printer
    (It will appear in bold.)
  10. To set printer name and features, highlight the printer and press Command + I
  11. Highlight the IP address in the Printer Name box and type the printer name found on the brightly colored sticker
  12. Choose Installable Options from the pull down menu
  13. Select the appropriate features
    (Most printers have Tray 3 and Duplex Unit)
  14. Click Apply Changes and close the window