1. Click on the Black Apple icon at top left of screen.  Click on System Preferences
2. Select Print & Fax Icon.
3. Click on the “+” located on the left hand side
4. Click on the Globe icon for IP.
5. On the Protocol space click on the arrows and select HPJetdirect-Socket
5. Address > Type the name of the printer followed by .printers.colby.edu
* Note: The name can be found on the brightly colored sticker on the printer you wish to use
6. Print Using > If this field doesn’t automatically fill for you then choose Select a driver to use…
7. Choose the appropriate Model Name from the list
8. Click Add

9. To set the default printer Choose your desired printer from the drop down menu
10. To set printer name, select the printer in the left hand column
11. Click on Options & Supplies
12. Change the printer name and click OK