These instructions are intended to be a general guide to connecting most computers running Mac OSX to connect to the wireless network using features that are built-in to the operating systems.

Security Disclaimer: Please be aware that wireless networks, by nature, are insecure.  It is recommended that you not send unencrypted passwords (such as through Eudora/Outlook or Telnet) or other secure information (such as credit cards) over a wireless network. Anyone attempting to monitor the content of another person’s wireless network communication is in violation of the Code of Ethics for Information at Colby College and subject to disciplinary action.

Configure the Network Card

  1. Go to the Apple > System Preferences
  2. Click Network
  3. From Show, pull down to select AirPort
  4. Select TCP/IP
  5. From Configure, pull down to select Using DHCP – you may have to authenticate first
  6. Select AirPort and make the following selections:
  • By default, join: Preferred networks
  • Network: Colby Guest Guest Access
  • Check “Show AirPort status in menu bar”
  1. Click Apply Now. Your AirPort card is now configured for use.

Connect to the Network

  1. Click on the AirPort icon  airport_icon  located in the upper right area of the menu bar
  2. Select Turn Airport On
  3. Select Colby Guest Access