Note: This document only applies to unmanaged hubs, switches or wireless access points that do not perform network address translation (NAT) or have other router functions. If you are unsure of which device you have, contact the ITS Support Center at or ext. 4222.

Unmanaged personal network hubs or switches are permitted on the Colby residential network but have operational limitations because of the Network Access Control (NAC) system. Users of these devices need to be aware of these limitations when interacting with the Colby NAC system before using a personal hub or switch.

Registering Computers

Computers (or any other devices, such as game consoles) must be directly connected to the network (without any hub or switch in between) in order to properly register. After all computers have been registered, they can then be connected through a hub or switch.

Unregistered/Problem Computers

If any one computer or a hub or switch is unregistered or identified as a problem computer, the connection for ALL computers on the hub or switch will be interrupted. This is because the hub is sharing a single connection for many computers. If any one of those computers is identified as a problem, the single connection will be interrupted and all systems will be placed in a remediation/quarantine network until the problem is resolved.

Beware of Limitations

These limitations can be overcome at any time by simply connecting a computer directly to a wall jack. A hub or a switch is an “all for one” device. If any one computer connecting through it is unregistered or failing to meet NAC policy, the connection for all the other computers on the hub will be interrupted until the problem is resolved.

Additional questions concerning the operation of hubs or switches should be directed to the ITS Support Center at or ext. 4222.