WannaCry Ransomwareupdated May 15, 2017

As most of you have read in the news, a ransomware virus has been infecting Windows computers around the world.  So far, we have not seen evidence of the ransomware at Colby. We have taken a number of steps to protect Colby’s data and network configuration, but we need all of our community members to be vigilant and cautious during this unsettled time.

What you need to do to protect yourself:

1. Do NOT download any attachments from unknown email senders.

2. If you receive an attachment from a colleague which you weren’t expecting, be extra vigilant and contact them to make sure it was sent intentionally.

3. This particular ransomware affects only Windows computers – use the steps below to check whether your Windows computer is up to date with patches.

To check if your Windows Computer requires updates:

1. Open your Start Menu (Windows flag symbol in the lower left corner.)

2. Type ‘updates’ and hit enter

3. If any updates are available, they will be offered to you at the top of your screen under the heading Update status or Windows Updates.

To download/install Windows Updates:

1. Click Download and follow the onscreen prompts.

– A Reboot may be required.

The staff at the ITS Support Center are available to answer questions at 4222 and support@colby.edu.