Synagogue Collaboration Cosponsorship Program

The Center for Small Town Jewish Life at Colby College (CSTJL) is committed to bringing together institutions and individuals across lines of difference for collaboration, relationship building, and superlative Jewish learning. In that spirit, we have created a program for the center to cosponsor collaborative Jewish educational programming across the State of Maine.

Qualifications: The CSTJL will contribute up to $250 for events that bring together at least two institutions in the state for accessible Jewish learning and relationship building. Events must be free to the public and should make every effort to welcome and accommodate individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds and ages.

Please be in touch with program coordinator, Sarah Rockford ( with any questions about applications and requirements.

The center will accept applications on a rolling basis.

Requirements for Application:

  1. Programs must include two institutions that have jointly planned, publicized, and executed a program to further the goals of Jewish education in the state. (We will not cosponsor a program planned by one institution, which invites other communities to attend. It must be collaborative from inception to execution.)
  2. Institutions must fill out the application linked at the bottom of the page including: a one-paragraph description of the program, a preliminary budget, and which elements of the program you would like to have reimbursed by the CSTJL as a co-sponsor of the program. Applications should be submitted at least three weeks in advance of the program.
  3. All publicity (paper and electronic) must list the CSTJL as a cosponsor and include the CSTJL logo when possible.
  4. The organizations should share five high resolution photographs with the CSTJL within one week of the program. This requirement will be waived if it contradicts the Shabbat and/or holiday policy of the sponsoring organizations.
  5. Event hosts will be emailed a program evaluation that must be completed within one of the program’s conclusion. 
  6. Invoices and receipts, if relevant, should be sent to program coordinator, Sarah Rockford, ( within one week of the program’s conclusion.

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