Adrienne Carmack

Adrienne Carmack is a senior at Colby College, where she studies Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Education; and Data Science. Originally from Veazie, Maine, Adrienne is passionate about social justice, particularly sexual violence prevention and education access. She is an AmeriCorps alum and a current board member of Hardy Girls Healthy Women.

Valerie Mejia

Valerie Mejia is junior at Colby College. She is majoring in Psychology, with an interest in Lifespan Development Psychology. She is considering minoring in Religious Studies. Valerie was born in Plantation, Florida, but has spent most of her life moving back and forth between Manizales, Colombia and Medellín, Colombia, and different towns in Florida. She participated in the 2017 Maine Conference for Jewish Life, is a member of Colby Hillel for the second year in a row, and is excited to be a Waterville Jewish Leadership Fellow. She is a member of SOBLU (Student Organized Black and Latinx Unity), works in the Career Center as a Career Fellow, and volunteers at the Colby College Social Development Lab, working on domestic violence research.

Emma Hofman

Emma Hofman is a sophomore at Colby College; this is her second year as a Waterville Jewish Leadership Fellow. Last year she also taught at Beth Israel Congregation Hebrew School, and led a joint synagogue-Hillel beit midrash under the guidance of Religious Studies Faculty Fellow Anthony Wexler. She is a native of the Washington, D.C. area and graduated from Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School. She is an active member of the rugby team and sings a capella.