The Center for Small Town Jewish Life  (CSTJL) is hiring our 2018-2019 Fellows, as well as staff for the 2018 Maine Conference for Jewish Life. The Center for Small Town Jewish Life is a collaborative effort that brings together Colby’s Jewish Studies program, Hillel, and Maine’s Jewish communities to offer superlative Jewish learning throughout the state. The fellowship calls upon students to exercise leadership in multigenerational contexts, planning events that convene college students and members of the greater community to revel in the jewels of Jewish civilization. In addition to working with the CSTJL staff, fellows are entitled to three  intensive learning experiences with Rabbi Rachel Isaacs during each semester. They commit to participating in CSTJL staff meetings whenever possible.

There are six opportunities for fellows next year. Yearlong fellows are paid $1,000 for the year, and semester fellows are paid $500 for their work. The CSTJL staff is looking for students who are committed to the greater mid-Maine community, and are reliable, committed, and disciplined. Fellows are full members in our team, and as such, should be assertive, intellectually curious, and entrepreneurial. The fellowship is open to students of all faith backgrounds and the Center values diversity among its staff and fellows.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send a cover letter and resume to Rabbi Rachel Isaacs at Cover letters should explain the your interest in this position, detail your qualifications, and include two on-campus references.  

Applications are due May 15, 2018.

Waterville Jewish Leadership Fellowships

  1. Beth Israel Congregation Hebrew School (full year): This student will work with CSTJL Director of Summer Programs, Melanie Weiss, in teaching Beth Israel students throughout the year. Fellows commit to creating curricula with Weiss for students of all ages, and being an active presence in the classroom teaching Hebrew and Jewish studies. All students are encouraged to apply, but students who have taken Hebrew 125 will be given preference. Beth Israel Hebrew School meets Thursday afternoons from 3-5 p.m. at the Alfond Youth Center, less than a mile from campus. Fellows commit to showing up on time for all of Hebrew School each week, and must arrange for transportation.
  2. Beit Midrash (spring): This student will work with a member of the CSTJL staff on crafting three multigenerational Beit Midrash sessions on a theme of their mutual choosing. This fellow will choose a theme, work with a faculty mentor on choosing and curating classical and contemporary source booklets, and teach alongside her. This fellow is also responsible for logistical elements of the Beit Midrash, including: student recruitment, publicizing events through electronic and print media, ordering food and beverages, room reservations, and other needs as they become apparent.
  3. Fall Shabbaton (fall): This student will work with CSTJL staff in planning our fall Shabbaton from conception to fruition. They will work to craft a Shabbat full of experiences that celebrate the intersection of Jewish life and the arts, both for Maine’s Hillels and the greater mid-Maine community. They will be responsible for funding requests for the program, recruitment on and off campus, producing online and paper publicity, food preparation for Saturday afternoon, and other responsibilities as they become apparent. Students who are available to work remotely with staff during all or part of the summer will be given preference in hiring, and can receive additional compensation for hours worked over the summer. Please indicate your availability in your application.
  4. Maine Conference for Jewish Life: This student will work with CSTJL staff throughout the year in planning and executing the Maine Conference for Jewish Life. The conference is the largest gathering for Jewish education in the state of Maine each year, bringing world-renowned scholars, musicians, artists, activists, and chefs to Waterville for superlative Jewish learning. This student will help with building the conference, recruiting on campus and in the greater community, and executing the conference in mid-June. This fellow must agree to attend and work the conference, usually the second weekend in June.
  5. Community Conversations: This student will work on formulating, preparing, and executing the Community Conversations series. There are three sessions throughout the year — one in the fall semester, one during JanPlan, and one in the spring semester. The theme for the 2018-2019 academic year is “Home,” focusing on issues of immigration, family, and belonging. Our fellow will help choose the speakers for the series, solicit co-sponsorships on campus, recruit student and faculty participants and moderators, promote the program at local churches and community organizations, handle all electronic publicity and communication, and make sure that all programs run smoothly. This is a yearlong position, with an optional number of summer hours that can be completed remotely.
  6. Technology Fellow: The technology fellow will work with CSTJL staff in developing an app for the CSTJL. This student must have a strong background in app development that will help the CSTJL promote Jewish events and programs throughout the state. It will also be used to map Jewish resources through GoogleMaps, promote CSTJL programs, and enhance all of our core programming. This fellow will also work with staff in developing online resources that allow our guest speakers and core staff to reach national audiences through live streaming and website development. The technology fellow must come with a recommendation from Bruce Maxwell, chair of the Computer Science program.
  7. Teen Fellow: This fellow will work with Rabbi Erica Asch, Melanie Weiss, and Sarah Rockford ’15, in developing a statewide program for high-school juniors and seniors interested in Jewish learning and life. This fellow will play a critical role in developing this new initiative, publicizing it, recruiting, and making it succeed. We envision planning and holding four teen programs over the course of the academic year, culminating in a weekend-long joint Hillel-teen trip to Jewish New York or Jewish Boston. This fellow would be part of an exciting and critical new program of the CSTJL that would enrich Jewish life for Hillel students and Maine teens in meaningful and inspirational ways. This student must be dynamic, open to working with teens, willing to recruit classmates of all faiths and backgrounds to participate in this program, and interested in serving as a Jewish educator and mentor for Maine teens.