Upcoming Programming with the Center

The arrival of Rosh Hodesh Elul signals the beginning of the High Holidays. Gathering during this season of personal and communal accounting is a cornerstone of our community-oriented tradition. So what does it mean to approach the month of Elul and the holidays in the time of a pandemic? For us at the Center, it means doing everything we can to create opportunities for us to celebrate, learn, and pray together—at a distance.
We sometimes catch ourselves bemoaning the time spent on Zoom, but what a blessing to be able to connect—even virtually—during this season that reminds us of the importance of community and of our relationships with one another.
In this spirit, this email contains a list of High Holiday programs that will carry us all the way through Shemini Atzeret at the end of Sukkot. We hope these programs will add richness to your season and complement the incredible work each of our Maine congregations is doing to bring us services under extraordinary circumstances.
In the coming weeks, in partnership with organizations and institutions around Maine, we will be releasing a library of High Holiday recordings and resources that you’ll be able to access and use to enhance your observances. We can’t wait to share this with you. Stay tuned!

Jewish Learning Videos for Kids
Check out our Jewish Learning videos for kids. The Center has a new YouTube playlist for kids with games, songs, and more!

Watch the Videos Here!

A Family High Holidays Experience with Cantor Sheila Nesis
Friday, September 25, 6-6:30 p.m.

Led by Cantor Sheila Nesis, we will share in a moment of meaning, music, joy, and connection! This service is not an adult service; this service is not a children’s service. This experience is for parents, children, adults, grandparents, and all those who wish to find a way to share in an intergenerational moment of connection. Feel free to invite grandparents or other extended family members who do not live close to you! A good New Year starts with connection, and screens won’t stop us from creating that bond!

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A Moment of Healing During Shemini Atzeret with Cantor Sheila Nesis
Sunday, October 11, 4 p.m.

Prayers, music, and the warm embrace of friends help us to renew our sense of hope, strength, and healing. This healing journey is for those who are struggling with physical or spiritual health, for those struggling with sadness and grief, and for caregivers who seek inspiration as they pray for the welfare of loved ones. This is a time to bring healing to our community as we end the High Holidays season together.

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