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Is Liberal Democracy a Jewish Value?

Wednesday, October 28, 7 p.m.

In nations throughout the globe, and increasingly Europe and the Americas, societies are electing leaders and empowering parties that are publicly questioning and challenging the wisdom of liberal, democratic forms of government. We have witnessed animosity toward political values that appeared beyond debate in the post-World World II order: the value of separation between religion and state, international cooperation and alliances, and the separation of powers. The struggle between those who embrace liberal Democracy as an inherent good and those who are skeptical of its value exists not only on a global scale but is causing major division in global Jewish communities as well.


In this conversation, Dr. Elias Sacks, Director of the Program in Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Rabbi Rachel Isaacs, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies at Colby College, will examine these global trends through the lens of Jewish history and thought, examining past and present intra-Jewish debates about the best and “most Jewish” forms of political organization, and how global trends could impact the Jewish future in the United States and abroad.

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We recommend checking out these compelling articles in advance of the program. They will provide us with a common jumping-off point for the conversation.