The Center for Small Town Jewish Life and the Jewish Community Alliance Present Project Zug: Online Partnership Learning for Maine!


Food is a powerful force at the center of ritual, community and ethics. This class will explore all of these aspects of food by studying passages on food found across the Talmud. How can the act of eating become a practice of gratitude? Who should receive food as charity, and how much? What rights do field-workers have? Jumping into the lively debate of Talmud will pave the way for rich discussion to affirm, challenge, and transform our own approaches to food.

How this course works: sign up below to gain access to the full course materials when the course launches in January. You’ll learn online with a chevruta—a traditional-style study buddy—and you can either list someone below, or write “Match Me” to have us pair you with another Mainer! We’ll send you updates about the course, but the two of you can work through it at your own pace. We’ll have a kickoff event at Beth Israel in Bath in January, and a siyyum (a capstone event) at this June’s Maine Conference for Jewish Life—so you and your chevruta will have a chance to learn together in person!

What do you need? You’ll need a computer with internet connectivity (a camera is very helpful, but can be worked around), a chevruta (which we can provide you), and the desire to engage meaningfully with Jewish texts! No prior experience with text study or chevruta learning? No problem! The Project Zug experience ensures that this curated material will be amplified and explained by renowned teachers. This 10-week course can take the 10 weeks allotted—or you and your partner might take a slower pace, to account for your schedules or to spend more time with the texts. How long your study sessions are, whether you prepare individually or work through everything together—the decisions are yours. This is an amazing opportunity to build our Maine Jewish community, and enhance our relationships to one another, through traditional learning—and to do it from the comfort of our own homes!

The Center for Small Town Jewish Life and the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine are thrilled to be partnering with Project Zug to bring the Maine Jewish community an amazing learning opportunity at an incredible price. If you need some tech support, we are here to help! We encourage learners of all backgrounds to dive in.

The Center for Small Town Jewish Life and the Jewish Community Alliance are excited to offer a special scholarship opportunity to the first 20 registrants for this program! Use code First20 in your registration for an amazing 50% discount—first 20 registrants only. That’s 10 weeks of high-caliber learning for just $18!

Questions about this program? We’re happy to talk to you! Email Melanie Weiss at


Registration for Project Zug (2019) has closed. We’ll be back with more information in the coming months!


Interested in learning more about Project Zug and how it works? Click here for a great short video!