• JS/RE 181: Conceptions of Jews and Judaism (offered every fall semester)
  • JS/RE 182: Jews, Judaism, and the Modern World (offered every spring semester)
  • Four additional courses with the JS prefix. Note: JS 125 (Hebrew I) does not count toward the minor.

Off-Campus Study

Minors are encouraged to take advantage of off-campus study opportunities.  Students may petition to receive Jewish Studies credit for up to three courses taken at other colleges and universities.

In recent years, Jewish Studies minors have received credit from the following programs:

Other off-campus study programs with especially strong Jewish Studies offerings that minors might consider include:

Note: Because Israel is subject to a U.S. State Department travel warning, students interested in studying there must submit a special petition.

Independent Major in Jewish Studies

Colby does not offer a formal major in Jewish Studies.  Interested students are, however, welcome to explore the possibility of pursuing an independent major.  Contact Raffael Scheck or David Freidenreich for more information.