Through the Eyes of Rebel Women: The Young Lords: 1969-1976

THROUGH THE EYES OF REBEL WOMEN: The Young Lords, 1969-1976

Come to the Pugh Center on March 7, 2017 from 1:00pm to 3:30pm for an exciting opportunity to hear Iris Morales give a Master Class and discuss her upcoming book on the women of the Young Lords

A Sermon a Day Keeps the Demon Away

A Sermon a Day copy

Laura León Llerena, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. Hosted by Latin American Studies and Department of Spanish. (Thursday 17, November 2016/ Robinson Room, Miller Library. 4:00pm)

Water, Privatization, and Community in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Simmons final

Come hear Dr. Erica Simmons of the University of Wisconsin-Madison discuss her research on social movement mobilization around water privatization in Bolivia! 

When: Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 4:00 pm. Where: Diamond 153

Woke Brown Girl: a Post-Colonial Latina Experience


Come attend SOBHU’s last event of Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month! Latin American Studies Program co-sponsor. Monday 24, October 2016/ Ostrove Auditorium, 7:00pm

Prisca Dorcas is a Latinx intersectional-feminist and activist who founded Latina Rebels. She utilizes a social media platform to critique the colonized expectations of acceptability for Latinx/Hispanic women. Dorcas identifies injustice and analyzes how the intersectionality of race and gender affects the Latinx experience.


“Peace in Colombia?”


Professor Winifred Tate, Department of Anthropology (Tuesday, 4 October 2016/ Diamond 122/ 4:00pm / Reception to Follow in Diamond Atrium)

“The Emotional Residue of an Unnatural Boundary”: Brownsville and the Borders of Mental Health


Julie Avril Minich of The University of Texas – Austin
(Monday, 3 October 2016/The Pugh Center/4:00pm)

A Bias For Hope: Studying Politics While Thinking About Social Justice, Government Fall Faculty Lecture

Fall Faculty Lecture Lindsay

Lindsay Mayka, Assistant Professor of Government
(Thursday, 29 September 2016/Colby College Parker-Reed room/7:15pm)

Community Discussion of Teresa Margolles: We Have a Common Thread
Artwork by Teresa Margolles

Mariola Alvarez
(Friday, 22 September 2016/Colby College Museum of Art/7:00pm)

Should the Poor Be Allowed to Violate the Law?
Enforcement Against Squatters and Street Vendors in Latin America w/ Alisha Holland
(Thursday, 14 April 2016/Diamond 122/4:00pm)

LAS Major Presentations
GO456:Civil Society and Social Change in Latin America
Greg Morano, Sophie Bartels, and Emily Sapoch
(Thursday, 28 April 2016/Diamond 343/10:30am)

LAS Honors Thesis Presentation: Caroline Tegeler
Encountering Yaxunah: Exploring the Volunteer Tourism Encounter in Rural Yucatán
(Thursday, 28 April 2016/Diamond 343/9:00am)

Government Honors Thesis Presentation: Emily Boyce
Police Accountability in Mexico: Understanding Trends of Police Prosecution and the Importance of Framing the Victims

(Thursday, 28 April 2016/Diamond 122/1-4pm)

MU298: Experiencing Tango
Tango Lesson and Colby Tango Orchestra Performance
(Thursday, 28 April 2016/Special Collections/7-10pm

Butterflies and their People: Rethinking Monarch Conservation
Dr. Ellen Sharp, Director, Butterflies and Their People Project, Cerro Pelon Butterfly Reserve, Mexico
(Monday, 4 April 2016/Ostrove Auditorium/7pm)

Playing Mestizo: Festivity, Word, and Theater in Yucatán
Dr. Paul Eiss, Carnegie Mellon University
(Thursday, 7 April 2016/Diamond 122/4pm)

Mexico’s Energy Revolution
Duncan Wood, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center
(Thursday, 5 March 2016/SSW Alumni Center- Parked-Reed Room/5pm)

Scripts of Blackness:
“Benevolent” Slavery and the Making of Hispanic Whiteness in Puerto Rico
with Prof. Isar Godreau
(Tuesday, 1 December 2015/Diamond 153/4pm)

Funny Voices: Comedy, Gender and Subversion in Hispanic Cinema
with Katy Vernon
(Thursday, 5 November 2015/Diamond 122/4pm)

“After I Pick The Fruit”
Director: Nancy Ghertner (Colby ’71)
(Thursday, 12 November 2015/Diamond 122/7pm)

Cuba & the U.S.: Tides of Change
with Ariel Dacal Diaz, Popular Educator, Cuba
(Tuesday, 27th October 2015/Diamond 122/4:00pm)

9th Annual Walker Symposium
La Frontera
(Saturday, 17th October 2015/Parker Reed Room, SSW Alumni Center/9am-6pm)

Latin@ Hispanic Heritage Month
Link to Calendar
(15 September – 15 October 2015)

Manabu Mabe and Japanese-Brazilian Abstract Act 
Presentation by Dr. Mariola Álvarez
(Thursday, 15th October 2015/Miller Library/12pm)

Debating Dominican’s Race: Human Rights and Nationality in Hispaniola
Talk led by April Mayes (Pomona College)
(Thursday, 1st October 2015/Diamond 122/4pm)

Beyond the Box: Latinx and the Census
Talk led by Thalia Gilardo
(Wednesday, 23rd September 2015/Pugh Center/7pm)

Information Session: JanPlan in Bolivia
Globalization, Democracy, and Political Transformation in Bolivia
(Thursday, 24th September 2015/Diamond 141/4pm)

Mexican Photography and Landscape
Reception and Discussion of Photography of
Teresa Margolles and Manuel Álvarez Bravo
(Thursday, 17th September 2015/Colby Museum of Art, Davis Gallery/6-8pm)

DJ101 With DJ Mursi Layne
DJing and Entrepreneurship Discussion
(Friday 3rd, April 2015/Mirken Education Room, Art Museum/7:30PM-9PM)

Drugs, Death and Disappearance in Mexico
State Responsibility and Deep History in Guerrero’s Human Rights Crisis
(Monday 6th, April 2015/Diamond 141/7PM)

Professor Michele Stephens
A Small, Powerful ‘Being’: Peyote and Huichol History 
(Wednesday 23rd, Apr. 2014/Diamond 122/4:00 p.m.)

Cesar Chavez
(Directed by Diego Luna)
Film Screening 
(Thursday 24th, Apr. 2014/Railroad Square Cinema/8:00 p.m.)

Colby Liberal Arts Symposium LAS Panel
(Thursday 1st, May. 2014/Diamond 341/2:00-4:00 p.m.)

Latin American Studies Senior Dinner
(Friday 2nd, May. 2014/Riverside/6:30 p.m.)

Professor Al Montero
The Brazilian Turnaround: A Serious Country at Last?
(Monday 5th, May. 2014/Diamond 145/7:00 p.m.)

Allison Nolan
La familia que se quedó:
Revolution, Division, and Change for Cubans and Cuban-Americans
(Friday 9th, May. 2o14/Mary Low Coffee House/8:00 p.m.)

Department Graduation Reception
(Saturday 24th, May 2014/2:00-4:00 p.m.)

Las Voces de los Latinos en Colby
A Student Panel Exploring Hispanic and Latino Experiences at Colby
(Monday 15th, Sept. 2014/Pugh Center/7:00pm)

 The Blending of Culture
Film Screening, Latino Influence on America
(Thursday 18th, Sept. 2014/Pugh Center/12:00pm)

The Dream Act/Immigration Reform Awareness Day
Toni Choi
(Monday 22nd, Sept. 2014)

The Latino Factor
Film Screening
(Thursday 25th, Sept. 2014/Pugh Center/12:00pm)

Hispanic Heritage Dessert Social
(Monday 29th, Sept. 2014/Pugh Center/7:00pm)

Blessed Fruit of the Womb
Film Screening and Discussion with Evelyn Landry of WINGS
WINGS is dedicated to strengthening Guatemalan families through reproductive health.
(Tuesday 30th, Sept. 2014/Diamond 122/7:00pm)

Buena Vista Social Club
Film Screening
(Thursday 2nd, Oct. 2014/Pugh Center/12:00pm)

The Garifuna Culture Survival Band
Dance the Night Away to Traditional Garifuna music from Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize. Music, Food, and Dance!
(Friday 3rd, Oct. 2014/Page Commons/8:00pm Social Hour/9:30pm Performance

Dance Party/PC Throwdown
(Saturday 4th, Oct. 2014/Pugh Center/10:00pm)

Study Abroad Informational Session
For sophomores majoring or potentially majoring in LAS or Spanish
(Tuesday 7th, Oct. 2014/Diamond 122/7:00pm)

A Day Without a Mexican
Film Screening
(Thursday 9th, Oct. 2014/Pugh Center/12:00pm)

Spiritism in Brazil
Dr. Laura Premack, Bowdoin College
(Thursday 16th, Oct. 2014/Diamond 122/4:00pm)

Samba Band
(Saturday 18th, Oct. 2014/Location TBA/Time TBA)

Come Meet Andrew Altschul
Novel Reading
(Monday 10th, Nov. 2014/Robinson Room, Miller Library/6:00pm)

The Migrant Peacebuilding Project:
Reintegration of Guatemalan Migrants
Panel Discussion
(Thursday 19th, Feb. 2015/Diamond 141/4:00 PM)

Mito y Cuerpo en la Pintura de Tilsa Tsuchiya
Lecture in Spanish
(Monday 2nd, March 2015/Lovejoy 215/4:30 PM)

The Photographic Self-Portraits of Martin Chambi
Reception and Lecture
(Tuesday 3rd, March 2015/William D.Adams Gallery, Museum Lobby/6:30PM)

Globalizing Pathways
Alumni Career Panel
(Friday 6th, March 2015/Pugh Center/4:00PM-5:00PM

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