Through the Eyes of Rebel Women: The Young Lords: 1969-1976

THROUGH THE EYES OF REBEL WOMEN: The Young Lords, 1969-1976

Come to the Pugh Center on March 7, 2017 from 1:00pm to 3:30pm for an exciting opportunity to hear Iris Morales give a Master Class and discuss her upcoming book on the women of the Young Lords

Performance and Lecture: María Magdalena Campos-Pons

Come join us at the Colby College Museum of Art on February 9, 2017 at 7pm for María’s performance. The next day, February 10 at 12pm please join us for her lecture at the Colby College Museum of Art.

A Sermon a Day Keeps the Demon Away

A Sermon a Day copy

Laura León Llerena, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. Hosted by Latin American Studies and Department of Spanish. (Thursday 17, November 2016/ Robinson Room, Miller Library. 4:00pm)

Water, Privatization, and Community in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Simmons final

Come hear Dr. Erica Simmons of the University of Wisconsin-Madison discuss her research on social movement mobilization around water privatization in Bolivia! 

When: Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 4:00 pm. Where: Diamond 153

Woke Brown Girl: a Post-Colonial Latina Experience


Come attend SOBHU’s last event of Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month! Latin American Studies Program co-sponsor. Monday 24, October 2016/ Ostrove Auditorium, 7:00pm

Prisca Dorcas is a Latinx intersectional-feminist and activist who founded Latina Rebels. She utilizes a social media platform to critique the colonized expectations of acceptability for Latinx/Hispanic women. Dorcas identifies injustice and analyzes how the intersectionality of race and gender affects the Latinx experience.

“Peace in Colombia?”


Professor Winifred Tate, Department of Anthropology (Tuesday, 4 October 2016/ Diamond 122/ 4:00pm / Reception to Follow in Diamond Atrium)

“The Emotional Residue of an Unnatural Boundary”: Brownsville and the Borders of Mental Health


Julie Avril Minich of The University of Texas – Austin
(Monday, 3 October 2016/The Pugh Center/4:00pm)

A Bias For Hope: Studying Politics While Thinking About Social Justice, Government Fall Faculty Lecture

Fall Faculty Lecture Lindsay

Lindsay Mayka, Assistant Professor of Government
(Thursday, 29 September 2016/Colby College Parker-Reed room/7:15pm)

Community Discussion of Teresa Margolles: We Have a Common Thread
Artwork by Teresa Margolles

Mariola Alvarez
(Friday, 22 September 2016/Colby College Museum of Art/7:00pm)

Should the Poor Be Allowed to Violate the Law?
Enforcement Against Squatters and Street Vendors in Latin America w/ Alisha Holland
(Thursday, 14 April 2016/Diamond 122/4:00pm)

LAS Major Presentations
GO456:Civil Society and Social Change in Latin America
Greg Morano, Sophie Bartels, and Emily Sapoch
(Thursday, 28 April 2016/Diamond 343/10:30am)

LAS Honors Thesis Presentation: Caroline Tegeler
Encountering Yaxunah: Exploring the Volunteer Tourism Encounter in Rural Yucatán
(Thursday, 28 April 2016/Diamond 343/9:00am)

Government Honors Thesis Presentation: Emily Boyce
Police Accountability in Mexico: Understanding Trends of Police Prosecution and the Importance of Framing the Victims

(Thursday, 28 April 2016/Diamond 122/1-4pm)

MU298: Experiencing Tango
Tango Lesson and Colby Tango Orchestra Performance
(Thursday, 28 April 2016/Special Collections/7-10pm

Butterflies and their People: Rethinking Monarch Conservation
Dr. Ellen Sharp, Director, Butterflies and Their People Project, Cerro Pelon Butterfly Reserve, Mexico
(Monday, 4 April 2016/Ostrove Auditorium/7pm)

Playing Mestizo: Festivity, Word, and Theater in Yucatán
Dr. Paul Eiss, Carnegie Mellon University
(Thursday, 7 April 2016/Diamond 122/4pm)

Mexico’s Energy Revolution
Duncan Wood, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center
(Thursday, 5 March 2016/SSW Alumni Center- Parked-Reed Room/5pm)

Scripts of Blackness:
“Benevolent” Slavery and the Making of Hispanic Whiteness in Puerto Rico
with Prof. Isar Godreau
(Tuesday, 1 December 2015/Diamond 153/4pm)

Funny Voices: Comedy, Gender and Subversion in Hispanic Cinema
with Katy Vernon
(Thursday, 5 November 2015/Diamond 122/4pm)

“After I Pick The Fruit”
Director: Nancy Ghertner (Colby ’71)
(Thursday, 12 November 2015/Diamond 122/7pm)

Cuba & the U.S.: Tides of Change
with Ariel Dacal Diaz, Popular Educator, Cuba
(Tuesday, 27th October 2015/Diamond 122/4:00pm)

9th Annual Walker Symposium
La Frontera
(Saturday, 17th October 2015/Parker Reed Room, SSW Alumni Center/9am-6pm)

Latin@ Hispanic Heritage Month
Link to Calendar
(15 September – 15 October 2015)

Manabu Mabe and Japanese-Brazilian Abstract Act 
Presentation by Dr. Mariola Álvarez
(Thursday, 15th October 2015/Miller Library/12pm)

Debating Dominican’s Race: Human Rights and Nationality in Hispaniola
Talk led by April Mayes (Pomona College)
(Thursday, 1st October 2015/Diamond 122/4pm)

Beyond the Box: Latinx and the Census
Talk led by Thalia Gilardo
(Wednesday, 23rd September 2015/Pugh Center/7pm)

Information Session: JanPlan in Bolivia
Globalization, Democracy, and Political Transformation in Bolivia
(Thursday, 24th September 2015/Diamond 141/4pm)

Mexican Photography and Landscape
Reception and Discussion of Photography of
Teresa Margolles and Manuel Álvarez Bravo
(Thursday, 17th September 2015/Colby Museum of Art, Davis Gallery/6-8pm)

DJ101 With DJ Mursi Layne
DJing and Entrepreneurship Discussion
(Friday 3rd, April 2015/Mirken Education Room, Art Museum/7:30PM-9PM)

Drugs, Death and Disappearance in Mexico
State Responsibility and Deep History in Guerrero’s Human Rights Crisis
(Monday 6th, April 2015/Diamond 141/7PM)

Professor Michele Stephens
A Small, Powerful ‘Being’: Peyote and Huichol History 
(Wednesday 23rd, Apr. 2014/Diamond 122/4:00 p.m.)

Cesar Chavez
(Directed by Diego Luna)
Film Screening 
(Thursday 24th, Apr. 2014/Railroad Square Cinema/8:00 p.m.)

Colby Liberal Arts Symposium LAS Panel
(Thursday 1st, May. 2014/Diamond 341/2:00-4:00 p.m.)

Latin American Studies Senior Dinner
(Friday 2nd, May. 2014/Riverside/6:30 p.m.)

Professor Al Montero
The Brazilian Turnaround: A Serious Country at Last?
(Monday 5th, May. 2014/Diamond 145/7:00 p.m.)

Allison Nolan
La familia que se quedó:
Revolution, Division, and Change for Cubans and Cuban-Americans
(Friday 9th, May. 2o14/Mary Low Coffee House/8:00 p.m.)

Department Graduation Reception
(Saturday 24th, May 2014/2:00-4:00 p.m.)

Las Voces de los Latinos en Colby
A Student Panel Exploring Hispanic and Latino Experiences at Colby
(Monday 15th, Sept. 2014/Pugh Center/7:00pm)

 The Blending of Culture
Film Screening, Latino Influence on America
(Thursday 18th, Sept. 2014/Pugh Center/12:00pm)

The Dream Act/Immigration Reform Awareness Day
Toni Choi
(Monday 22nd, Sept. 2014)

The Latino Factor
Film Screening
(Thursday 25th, Sept. 2014/Pugh Center/12:00pm)

Hispanic Heritage Dessert Social
(Monday 29th, Sept. 2014/Pugh Center/7:00pm)

Blessed Fruit of the Womb
Film Screening and Discussion with Evelyn Landry of WINGS
WINGS is dedicated to strengthening Guatemalan families through reproductive health.
(Tuesday 30th, Sept. 2014/Diamond 122/7:00pm)

Buena Vista Social Club
Film Screening
(Thursday 2nd, Oct. 2014/Pugh Center/12:00pm)

The Garifuna Culture Survival Band
Dance the Night Away to Traditional Garifuna music from Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize. Music, Food, and Dance!
(Friday 3rd, Oct. 2014/Page Commons/8:00pm Social Hour/9:30pm Performance

Dance Party/PC Throwdown
(Saturday 4th, Oct. 2014/Pugh Center/10:00pm)

Study Abroad Informational Session
For sophomores majoring or potentially majoring in LAS or Spanish
(Tuesday 7th, Oct. 2014/Diamond 122/7:00pm)

A Day Without a Mexican
Film Screening
(Thursday 9th, Oct. 2014/Pugh Center/12:00pm)

Spiritism in Brazil
Dr. Laura Premack, Bowdoin College
(Thursday 16th, Oct. 2014/Diamond 122/4:00pm)

Samba Band
(Saturday 18th, Oct. 2014/Location TBA/Time TBA)

Come Meet Andrew Altschul
Novel Reading
(Monday 10th, Nov. 2014/Robinson Room, Miller Library/6:00pm)

The Migrant Peacebuilding Project:
Reintegration of Guatemalan Migrants
Panel Discussion
(Thursday 19th, Feb. 2015/Diamond 141/4:00 PM)

Mito y Cuerpo en la Pintura de Tilsa Tsuchiya
Lecture in Spanish
(Monday 2nd, March 2015/Lovejoy 215/4:30 PM)

The Photographic Self-Portraits of Martin Chambi
Reception and Lecture
(Tuesday 3rd, March 2015/William D.Adams Gallery, Museum Lobby/6:30PM)

Globalizing Pathways
Alumni Career Panel
(Friday 6th, March 2015/Pugh Center/4:00PM-5:00PM

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