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1. Major Requirements
2. Major Completion Worksheet
3. Honor Thesis Requirements
4. Access to Read a Sample of Honors Theses


1. The major requires a total of 11 courses, including:

  • History of Latin America (LA 173).
  • Introduction to Latin American Studies (LA 174).
  • Introduction to Hispanic Literature (SP 135).
  • Advanced Spanish Grammar (SP 231).
  • Two Latin American literature courses (200 level or above).
  • Four courses on Latin America (200 level or above) from three or more disciplines other than literature. For instance: Anthropology, Economics, History, Music, Government, etc.
  • Capstone (Senior Seminar, Advanced Independent Study, or Honors Thesis).

2. LAS Major Worksheet

Students must receive a grade of C or better for a course to count toward the major. No major requirements may be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory. The point scale for retention of the major applies to all courses taken to fulfill the major.  See “Course Offerings.”

Majors are required to spend at least one semester in Latin America matriculated in a program that offers university-level courses (not in a language acquisition program); all course work abroad must be conducted in either Spanish or Portuguese. All study-abroad plans must be approved by the director of the Latin American Studies Program. Programs not on the preapproved list will be considered through our own petition process (apart from that of Off-Campus Study). Petitions may be sent to the Director of Latin American Studies, and will be shared with the Board.  For study in Brazil, please explain how you will be prepared to study and live in a Portuguese-speaking environment. If a major has attended this program previously, please mention this. We strongly encourage you to read evaluations on file at OCS before petitioning.

Note: Students wishing to fulfill the advanced grammar requirement in Portuguese must enroll, after securing the approval of the director of the Latin American Studies Program, in either a one-semester language program abroad (which will not replace the study abroad requirement) or in an intensive summer language program that certifies advanced proficiency.

3. Honors in Latin American Studies

4. Past Honors Theses