Liaison: Ben Fallaw

Study Abroad Policies and Recommendations:

Majors are required to spend at least one semester in Latin America matriculated in a program that offers university-level courses (not in a language acquisition program); all course work abroad must be conducted in either Spanish or Portuguese. All study-abroad plans must be approved by the director of the Latin American Studies Program. Programs not on the preapproved list will be considered through our own petition process (apart from that of Off-Campus Study). Petitions may be sent to the Director of Latin American Studies, and will be shared with the Board.  For study in Brazil, please explain how you will be prepared to study and live in a Portuguese-speaking environment. If a major has attended this program previously, please mention this. We strongly encourage you to read evaluations on file at OCS before petitioning.

Students may count up to four semester courses of foreign study credit toward the major if they study abroad for an entire year, but only up to two semester courses if they study abroad for just one semester.  Students with transfer credits should be advised that four semester courses, combining study abroad and credits from other institutions, is the maximum total permitted to count toward the LAS major .

Follow the links for each approved program below:

CIEE in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Washington University in Santiago, Chile

IFSA-Butler in Lima, Peru

Middlebury in Montevideo, Uruguay

IFSA-Butler in Merida, Mexico

Previous JanPlan Abroad Courses (2015-16):

AY243  Globalization, Democracy, and Political Transformation in Bolivia  
Three credit hours.  S, I.  Tate

Students will learn a range of perspectives on recent Bolivian history; gain the ability to analyze Bolivian politics, economy, and social relations; and identify and trace critical forms of interconnection between Bolivia and contemporary global systems. Based in Cochabamba, students will live with host families, hear from analysts and activists, gain an understanding of anthropological vocabulary and concepts, conduct original research, and reflect critically on international fieldwork. Scholarships are available for students receiving financial aid through the Latin American Studies Program. Prerequisite: One year of college Spanish or equivalent, demonstrated interested in Latin America, and instructor permission.