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Larry Brown, Computer
Clem Guthro, Director
Toni Katz, Asst. Director, Technical
Margaret Menchen, Asst. Director, Public
Lorie McLeod, Office Manager (Mornings)
Art and Music Library
General Information5660
Margaret Ericson,
Penny Ruksznis, (Mornings)
Circulation, Miller Library
Eileen Fredette, Circulation
Charlotte Gifford, Circulation (Afternoons)
Robert Heath,
Lorie McLeod, Circulation (Afternoons)
Interlibrary Loan
Kathy Corridan , Library
Robin Wiggin , Library
Charles Lakin,
Mike McGuire, Systems
Margaret Menchen, Asst. Director, Public
Sara Prahl, Librarian
Marilyn R. Pukkila, Instruction
Science Library
Susan Cole,
Charlotte Gifford, (Mornings)
Special Collections
Patricia Burdick,
Karen Gillum (Afternoons)
Margaret Libby (Mornings)
Technical Services
Dylan Archard, Electronic
Toni Benner,
Joanne Curtis-Allen,
Karen Gillum, Serials (Mornings)
Toni Katz, Asst. Director, Tech.
Claire Prontnicki,
Linda Roy,

Prefix three thousand extension numbers with 207-872- when calling from off campus.
Prefix five thousand extension numbers with 207-859- when calling from off campus.
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Art and Music Library
Audio and Video Collections
Government Documents
Miller Library
Science Library
Special Collections