Colby College Libraries
Technical Services Department

We are responsible for acquiring and processing materials for the Colby College Libraries' permanent collections, whether the materials are donations or are purchased by us.  Collection development duties, however, are handled by department liaisons.  We also process the many state and federal government documents Colby receives.  Materials we work with include books, journals, microforms, government documents, recordings, and information in electronic form. In addition to getting new materials ready for the shelves, we repair, maintain and preserve existing library materials.  We are also responsible for maintaining the automated catalog in terms of information in the catalog. The physical machine that stores and operates our catalog is maintained by the experts at ITS.

Disaster Policy

  • Forms - ILL forms, In Processing request forms, etc.
  • Guides & Procedures - Includes guides for labelling books, guides for setting up 949 fields, etc.
  • Job Descriptions - For each position in Technical Services
  • Lists & Data - Lists of codes used in III, call number prestamps, etc.
  • Policies - Policies used in cataloging
  • Staff - Who we are 


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