Conferred November 21, 1963

LOUIS MARTIN LYONS: From your early days on the staff of the Boston Globe to the present time, when you are known to thousands as a daily news commentator over educational television, your service to the noble profession you have followed has been unique. Your greatest achievement has come through a medium other than what is conventionally termed the working press, namely, your distinguished career as Curator of the Nieman Fellowships at Harvard University since 1939, through which you have given the newspaper world inspiration as well as the leadership provided by your own example. Indeed, you have been called by one of your colleagues “the conscience of American journalism.” Yourself the recipient of the Peabody and Lauterbach awards, you have seen Niemam Fellows who have had the privilege of studying in Cambridge under your guidance and counsel proceed thereafter to brilliant journalistic success and countless awards of their own. Bostonian born and bred, but limited by none of the provincialism so often ascribed to that locality, your influence has radiated from the proverbial Hub not merely through the nation but the world. A recently elected member of the Academy of New England Journalists, whose home as of tonight is Colby College, this institution takes pride in welcoming you as the twelfth Elijah Parish Lovejoy Fellow.