JOHN HAY WHITNEY: Native of our own state of Maine, your remarkable record of public service and your vigorous participation in the kaleidoscopic enterprise of an increasingly complex world are in the tradition of great forebears, notably your two grandfathers, John Hay and William C. Whitney. Nurtured at Groton and Yale, you served your country overseas with the Air Force in the Second World War, and you have achieved distinction as philanthropist, sportsman, and diplomat, including four years as Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s. The organizations you have served as member or trustee can scarcely be numbered. Your achievements in the rigorous career of journalism, however, are climactic, and it is in recognition of your skillful and courageous direction of one of our nation’s great newspapers that Colby honors you at this Convocation. The Herald Tribune under your leadership has become a model of artistic and stylistic innovation, and, as in all your other services for the public welfare, you have made it an instrument for the encouragement of progress, decency, and good will in our society. It is in accord with the high tradition of the Lovejoy Award that Colby salutes you as thirteenth Lovejoy Fellow.By the authority of the Board of Trustees of Colby College, I confer upon you, JOHN HAY WHITNEY, the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa. The hood with which you have been invested and this diploma which I place in your hand are the visible symbols of your membership in this society of scholars, to all the rights and privileges of which I declare you entitled.