Conferred November 4, 1965, by Colby President Robert E. L. Strider.

COLBERT AUGUSTUS MCKNIGHT: Native of North Carolina and graduate, summa cum laude, of Davidson College, you have achieved a brilliant career in a demanding profession. From the time when you spent your summer vacations during college on a small paper in your own town of Shelby until you became editor of the Charlotte Observer in 1955 you revealed that you were the very model of a modern newspaperman. Under your leadership the Observer has been a beacon of journalistic excellence whose steady glow has encouraged editors everywhere. Your paper has taken the lead in protesting the irrational “speaker ban” law aimed at the freedom and impugning the integrity of your distinguished state university. A representative of the “old school” in your adherence to time-honored standards of personal and professional integrity, you are of the “new school” in your perception of the need for change. Your career has been marked by both the stability of the conservator and the courage of the innovator. As leader in community and state affairs, and as a conspicuous example of the highest traditions in journalism, Colby is proud to salute as fourteenth Lovejoy Fellow a truly civilized man in an age when civilization is threatened.